And yet they met (the folk song and dance ensemble "Kolos" has turned 65)!

6 грудня 2022 року


 "And yet it rotates," Galileo Galilei said almost 500 years ago, forced by the inquisition to renounce his views... And the participants of folk song and dance ensemble "Kolos" named after S. A. Semenovsky couldn't stop the turbulent wartime – and, according to the old tradition, on the first Saturday of December, they gathered at the alma mater to meet the famous band, which has turned 65 this year!

          Of course, the meeting was not the same as a few years ago, without a grandly unsurpassed multi-hour concert in the assembly hall with hundreds of enthusiastic spectators. But it was a sincere meeting of friends who are loyal to each other and devoted to a common cause – the preservation and enrichment of Ukrainian folk culture. And also (and this is the main thing) – raising funds to support the members of "Kolos" that are now defending our state in the ranks of the Armed Forces of Ukraine.

          Hugs, kisses, happy meetings – and a traditional chant under the guidance of a senior lecturer of the department of cultural studies, Honored Worker of culture of Ukraine Yuri Karnaukh who has recently become one of the "Kolos" leaders.  Yuri Fedorovych later shared his impression that he did not expect such a powerful joint spirit and is happy that he is now a member of such a team.





          They met at 11.00, and an hour and a half later introduced themselves to the rector of National University of Life and Environmental Sciences of Ukraine academician Stanislav Mykolayovych Nikolaenko who came to congratulate "Kolos", a new joint creative work of the choral and ballet groups under the guidance of a senior lecturer of the department of cultural studies Olha Saurina



          Stanislav Mykolayovych shared with the graduates the achievements and problems of the university family, spoke about the work of the team in wartime, expressed admiration for the ability to preserve traditions, and wished them new creative highs.



          Member of the "Kolos" ballet group Volodymyr Zhovty-Kozynsky who was present at the meeting, sent the speeches to the fellow boys on the front line. "The guys' hands were shaking and goosebumps were running down their skin, they assured us that the victory was coming soon, and immediately after it they would come to our concert. The energy boost from our performance will warm their hearts."

          And another answer to the video from the meeting both burns and warms:



          "Have a nice and quiet day, my "Kolosyata"! I send you congratulations from the bold and beautiful (in past and future) town of Bakhmut. I want to sincerely thank all of you for my incredibly wonderful mood!! The Kolos alumni meeting holiday is an event that you learn to appreciate with age. And be happy that you are a part of this big team. Conclusion – we still know how to live and enjoy! Hugging you all tightly. Senior lieutenant Hrytsenko Sashko)))))))

         So, Kolos  is a big and friendly family. "This is a holiday that is always with you", "a trip to the same place, but, as always, without repetitions, always unsurpassed, always fun, always soulful, as always, not enough!", "I appreciate that in my life there is a small but very powerful army called "Kolos" – so they say about Kolos its graduates, who are now headed by the permanent "general headman" Serhiy Hrechany.



          And we are grateful to the "Kolos" members for their memory, for their friendship, and their traditions. We will definitely win! And "The wide Dnieper roars and groans" at the next meeting will be heard all over Holosiivo!


Iryna Maydaniuk,
head of the department of cultural studies


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