Graduation of masters of the faculty of humanities and pedagogy: war sharpens meanings and feelings

4 грудня 2022 року


 Who is well lit, he started well,
and a good start is half complete
Hryhoriy Skovoroda


   On the eve of the birthday of the great Ukrainian philosopher Hryhoriy Skovoroda, on December 2, 2022, at the faculty of humanities and pedagogy the graduation event of master's degree, burned by the war, took place.


   Diplomas were awarded to 213 graduates of the faculty of educational programs "International relations""Psychology""Philology (first English)""Philology (first German)", "Information and communication technologies in education""Higher school pedagogy""Managing the educational institutions""Personnel management""Social work" and "Social and psychological rehabilitation".

   As always, there was a flood of people, flowers and light in the elegant hall, Masters in traditional robes, heads of departments, instructors, family members and friends of graduates invited to share the joy of receiving diplomas. The holiday was opened by the dean of the faculty of humanities and pedagogy Inna Savytska, who noted that this period was difficult for everyone: for our students, lecturers, relatives, but it was the most difficult for our defenders. Graduation of 2022 will always remain special and memorable, because it is military. All of us owe the daily courage of the Armed Forces of Ukraine to the fact that we have the opportunity to live and continue to do our own work. Now graduates have great opportunities for self-realization in life and profession. Inna Mykolaivna expressed her gratitude to the graduates for choosing our best faculty, for showing will and strong character when receiving education, and invited Masters to bring their children to study at the faculty, because the quality and modernity of knowledge is guaranteed here!




   Rector of the University academician Stanislav Nikolaenko welcoming the Masters noted that he has taught for many of them and therefore knows what a huge potential they have. Unfortunately, Ukraine is now in a state of war and is suffering human and material losses. But there will definitely be peaceful times when everything lost and destroyed will have to be recovered. Therefore, not a single master who receives a diploma today will be left without a job. With extensive professional experience and his own success story, Stanislav Mykolayovych  stressed to graduates that it is not the education document itself that is a reason to think about one's superiority over people. After all, only the knowledge that Masters will apply in the workplace, their way of thinking, hard work and attitude to work give advantages in the eyes of others. The rector urged everyone to dream, believe in themselves and work hard for the sake of personal achievements and progress, for the sake of our victory and prosperity of Ukraine, and then recognition will not be long in coming.




     The head of the Supervisory Board of the University, professor, Mykola Tomenko, joined in the congratulations. He noted that the graduation date was not chosen by chance. On the eve of December 1, Ukraine celebrated the anniversary of the popular referendum, when the absolute majority of Ukrainians voted for the independence of our state. And on December 3, we celebrate 300 years since the birth of Hryhoriy Skovoroda, who is a significant public figure for Ukrainians. Mykola Tomenko summed up that the masters should always take care of the Ukrainian national idea and be outstanding personalities. "Today's war, " Mykola Tomenko noted, - is also an ideological war." That is why it is so important that each university studies a humanitarian and cultural block of disciplines. Activities of the faculty of humanities and pedagogy and, in general, humanitarian policy of NULES of Ukraine, gives reason for optimism in this direction.


    And finally, the long-awaited presentation of diplomas! The first people on the stage to receive diplomas were those whose special efforts and success in mastering knowledge were crowned with receiving a document of education with honors! Happy holders of diplomas with honors received them from the hands of the rector of the University Stanislav Nikolaenko and the chairman of the Supervisory Board of the University Mykola Tomenko.



   Master's degrees were also awarded by the dean Inna Savytska, heads of graduate departments.







   An associate professor addressed the graduates with a welcoming speech on behalf of all mentors of the department of pedagogy group curator Oksana Honcharuk.


   And, of course, as always, the creative highlight of the celebrations was musical congratulations from the people's artist of Ukraine Roman Rudy, his pupils are students of the faculty of humanities and pedagogy Ulyana Hryn, specialists of the department of cultural studies Iryna LytvynenkoTetiana Symonenko and head of the department Iryna Maydaniuk.



   The war tried to make its own adjustments to the scenario of the event: the words of the oath of graduates of the faculty of humanities and pedagogy were already heard during the blackout. Nevertheless, we are indestructible - after the general performance of "Oh, there's a red viburnum in the meadow...", the light shone again!!!




     And finally, a few reflections. This is a holiday that Masters went to for a year and a half, overcoming their hesitation, difficulties, increasing self-esteem and shedding light on knowledge and confidence in those parts of their consciousness where they did not exist before. And perhaps this light, which each of them will keep in their soul after studying at NULES, will be a memory of communication with group-mates and professors. After all, they were so full of interesting events, thoughts and emotions, these short years and a half of training.


   Probably, this period will be remembered by memories of that sunny summer day when, while still an applicant, everyone said to themselves, "Finally, I took this step – I submitted documents", or by the voice of the admissions officer on the phone who said that you passed the competition. And for some, the memory will scroll through slides of interesting conversations with instructors, or situations during the internship, or drawing up sessions, or all the steps that everyone took to ensure that their master's research took place and was protected. But all this was before this graduation, and will be repeated many more times later.
   Unique was another fact - it has been a war year, when everyone is in physical danger. COVID, no matter how much we scold it, still hardened us, prepared us for life in unexpected circumstances and danger, and forced us to hone our skills in remote communication format. However, War is about survival.


   Flipping through disturbing news, listening to sirens, waiting for" arrivals", and some of today's students even lost their loved ones in the war, they all became a bit of existentialist philosophers when they felt life on the edge, face to face with death. Poets found the formula for this, "And oranges smell stronger over the ruins." It is said that at such moments, feelings are sharpened, thoughts are clarified, and goals and desires are tested for strength. And undoubtedly, all those who received master's degrees today have successfully passed this test.
   How could today's graduates imagine that they would be able to prepare for classes, write term papers, take exams, defend their thesis not just remotely, but with just one phone, without the usual gadgets that were left somewhere in their apartment when everyone was fleeing the war? How could today's masters have predicted massive rocket attacks and blackouts with a prolonged lack of electricity, internet and heat? And the deadlines are so close, and charging on the laptop is almost at zero, and the light with the internet still does not appear. And the war doesn't care that you have a state exam or defense today!
   Of course, the Masters celebrated their victory. Such coveted diplomas are finally in their hands! We sincerely congratulate them on this victory! We will express our admiration for their human dignity and stress tolerance, thirst for growth, and support them with our belief that their future professional career and personal life will be filled with more than one significant victory. After all, it is the graduates-masters of our faculty who will create the future humanitarian aura of the nation and defend the value of what Ukraine is fighting for today.

   Dear master's graduates, Remember the words of the Great Philosopher, "Be like a palm tree: the tighter it is squeezed by a rock, the faster and more beautiful it rises up"! And straight to victory!!!
Glory to Ukraine!


Alyona Altanova,
senior lecturer of the department of social work and rehabilitation


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