Let's go to the future along the paths of wisdom of Hryhoriy Skovoroda: the world celebrates the 300th anniversary of the famous Ukrainian philosopher

3 грудня 2022 року


 It's not uncommon to find a road, but no one wants to look for it,
everyone leads in their own way and leads the other — this is the difficulty.
Hryhoriy Skovoroda

 There are many outstanding figures in Ukrainian history whose wisdom is worth learning. One of these geniuses is the Ukrainian philosopher — Hryhoriy Savovych Skovoroda, a tireless traveler, writer, educator-humanist, musician. His name is known all over the world, his works are read and reread, he has been admired and imitated for several centuries.
  This year's date of the 300th anniversaryof the outstanding Ukrainian is celebrated at the state level and is included in the list of UNESCO anniversaries, and 2022 is officially declared the year of Hryhoriy Skovoroda. The memory of H. Skovoroda is an act of our cultural resistance. His philosophical reflections and enlightening wisdom have remained interesting and relevant for centuries.


  Hryhoriy Skovoroda was born on December 3, 1722, in the Cossack family of the town of Chernukhy in the Poltava region. Interestingly, the date of birth became known only 200 years later, when the translator found in the letter a mention of the celebration of Skovoroda's 41st birthday. So far, this witness is the only and unique confirmation of the philosopher's date of birth.
  Researchers of the life and teachings of Hryhoriy Skovoroda agree that he somehow manages to remain close and modern for new generations, despite the fact that several epochs have already changed. In each new generation, there are people who have Skovoroda "for their own", love him as a friend and honor him as a teacher.
  The simplest, but far from exhaustive, explanation for this may be that Skovoroda was looking for, and obviously found, answers to questions that would never lose their relevance: "What is happiness? How to be happy? What is a good life?»

Happy, who managed to find a happy life;
But happier is the one who knows how to use it.
Not enough to find healthy food and drink,
If the taste is spoiled by illness;
It is not enough to the light of the daytime sun to shine,
If the head light is dimmed.
Active inactivity increases our strength;
On ships and chariots, we strive for a good life.
But what you want is with you:
It's inside you, my friend.

  So in one of his poems Skovoroda answers these questions.
  In his philosophical dialogues, Hryhoriy Skovoroda says that first of all, a person has to "know him/herself", understand what is "natural" for him/her, realize that he/she is part of something higher and all-encompassing, and live by doing good deeds. Through the knowledge of oneself, according to Skovoroda, a person can know the essence of all things. "This is what it means to be happy, to know oneself, that is, one's nature, to take up one's destiny and be with one's natural part of the all-encompassing providence". The simplicity of Skovoroda is like the surface of the sea, the depth of which can only be imagined by those who want to dive deeper into the inner world.


  The philosopher spread the ideas of equality, independence and freedom. It is in them that the ideological code of Ukrainians is located. And in the current war, the main component is the battle for Ukrainian identity, which the enemy has been targeting at since the beginning of a full-scale invasion. Aggressors hunt for Skovoroda, but they can't catch him. At night on May 7, 2022, a cynical missile strike fell on Kovalynsky manor, hitting the main building of the National literary and memorial museum of Hryhoriy Skovoroda - an architectural monument of the XVIII century, the house where Hryhoriy Skovoroda once lived and passed away. For all Ukrainians, it was a shock, a blow to the most painful thing — the spiritual freedom of the Ukrainian nation, manifested by the Philosopher in poems and treatises. But is it possible to catch the will, break the strong spirit, and prohibit independence? No way, never! Every Ukrainian has in his heart something that no enemy will ever overcome — we are free in spirit, we are strong in our group, we are strong in our love for Ukraine.


 H. Skovoroda was dreaming of a future society "The Republic in which I would like to live will be a country of love, friendship, and work! There should be no hostility or slavery in it... Everything is common, mutual... Laws are humane, wise, Great brotherhood, the Union of a community of people united by calling and aspiration — this is what a republic is that will replace the kingdom of darkness." And the world and light of Hryhoriy Skovoroda has been conquering darkness for 300 years. He was called a wandering philosopher. Skovoroda called himself the SON OF FREEDOM. Now the word FREEDOM is synonymous with the word UKRAINE. So it will be in the future!

  We must remember the majestic son of Ukraine not from date to date, but constantly follow his paths, because traveling is part of his philosophy, follow his advice, be guided by his life view point and principles. Let's make our way to the future: free, democratic, independent, prosperous!

Speedy victory, peace and prosperity to Ukraine!



Olena Lauta,
associate professor of the department of philosophy and international communication


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