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15 листопада 2022 року

Bad is the soldier who does not dream of becoming a general. Bad is the student who does not dream of getting a master's degree. The first step at the final stage is the preliminary defense of Master's theses. Such a protocol event was held at the department of pedagogy on November 14.



According to the regulations on the preparation and defense of the master's thesis at the National University of Life and Environmental Sciences of Ukraine, the master's thesis is an independent individual qualification work with elements of research and innovation, which is the result of theoretical and practical training in a certain program. A master's thesis is a form of control over the knowledge, skills, and competencies acquired by a student, primarily research ones, which are necessary for the successful performance of professional duties.

The procedure for conducting pre-defense provides for the presentation by applicants of education of their own developments on a pre-selected and approved topic by the order in the form of poster presentations.

This year, the preliminary defense of works took place in unusual conditions of a mixed format: some instructors and applicants for education were in the office of their native department, some applicants participated in the event in an online format, being in different parts of Ukraine and even outside our native country. The event was attended by more than 50 people: applicants for education in two specialties, their scientific supervisors, lecturers of the department of pedagogy and representatives of the dean's office (Ihor Butsyk, Ruslan Sopivnyk, Oleksandr Kuchay, Oksana Vasyuk, Natalia Hrechanyk, Olena Bida, Lesya Matsenko, Lidia Cherednyk, Nadiia Dira, Pavlo Smolyak, Olha Syroezhko, Pavlo Andrusyk).



The requirements for the procedure of preliminary defense of Master's works provide for the presentation and protection of poster information about the study: the relevance of the topic of the final qualification work, justification for the choice of its topic, familiarization of those present with the purpose and objectives of the study, as well as presentation of the main results of scientific work. Benevolence, tolerance, lively dialogue, interest both among applicants and teachers of the department in the topics covered in their works - this is the atmosphere that accompanied the pre-defense procedure event.



The overwhelming number of scientific achievements submitted for pre-defense of applicants of the second (master's) level have been tested in the form of scientific articles in periodical professional publications, abstracts of scientific and practical conferences of all-Ukrainian and international level, which indicates interest in the topic. Ruslan Sopivnyk, head of the department, doctor of pedagogical sciences, associate professor and scientific supervisors congratulated the undergraduates on successfully passing the stage of preliminary defense of Master's works. The next step is protection. Therefore, the applicants for education were thanked for a worthy presentation of their experience and wished peace, light, inspiration and success in achieving the ultimate goal – obtaining a master's degree and the desired diploma!


Lidia Cherednyk,
senior lecturer of the department of pedagogy


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