Expanding cooperation with foreign universities: Professor Maryna Navalna gave a lecture for students of the University of Warsaw

29 жовтня 2022 року

The department of journalism and language communication of NULES of Ukraine expands cooperation with foreign universities. The current negotiations have proved effective and have results. The department of Ukrainian studies of the University of Warsaw invited doctor of philology, professor to a lecture and consultations  Maryna Navalna within the framework of the "Winter School."

This event was planned for March, but due to the current processes in both Ukraine and Poland, it was postponed to October. Maryna Navalna gave a lecture "The influence of extra-linguistic factors on the vocabulary (based on the language of the Ukrainian mass communication media)", focusing on some groups of vocabulary that were updated or entered circulation in 2022: lexemes for the designation of strains of coronavirus infection and words denoting military objects, processes and states. The lecturer focused on both groups of normative words and sub-standard vocabulary, which led to a clear emotional load in the tests of Ukrainian mass media, in particular negative, and cases of unstable spelling.



   The lecture, which was supposed to take place in March, has lost its relevance in some places, - noted the professor, – since the language of the Ukrainian mass media is developing very dynamically, and under the influence of the current extra – linguistic factors-obviously. The source base and trends have changed so much that some parts of the lecture had to be changed in order to provide reliable information on modern mass media speech processes.


    During the consultation meetings, students were interested not only in language processes in the media, but also in democratic processes in modern mass media and in the country as a whole. Synonymous cases in the language, the expediency of using feminitives in various functional styles and genres of journalism, means of countering enemy propaganda, and so on were analyzed in detail.


Maryna Navalna,
professor of the department of journalism and language communication


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