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"A person, his/her life and health are
the highest social values of the state"
Constitution Of Ukraine


   Solving the problem of improving the efficiency and quality of scientific research on the implementation of a modern strategy for improving the reproductive and mental health of the population of Ukraine on October 20, 2022, on the base of NULES of Ukraine the II international scientific and practical conference "Medicine and psychology in human reproduction - a multidisciplinary approach" was




   The conference was organized by the faculty of humanities and pedagogy of NULES of Ukraine, in particular the department of social work and rehabilitation, as well as public organization "Organization "Ukrainian association of psychosomatics of reproductive perinatal psychology".
   The conference was attended by scientists of Armenian State Pedagogical University named after Kh. Abovyan, Azerbaijan State Academy of Physical Culture and sports, Kazakh agrotechnical University named after S. Seifullin, Kazakh N


 ational Pedagogical University named after Abai, Trakai Center for adult education and public Institute "Trakai Center for education" (Lithuania), University for foreigners Perugia (Italy), State higher professional university named after Professor Stanislaw Tarnowski (Poland).


   Congratulations to the participants and guests of the conference were announced by the rector of NULES of Ukraine Stanislav Nikolaenko, congratulations to the head of the research department of NULES of Ukraine Volodymyr Otchenashko, deputy dean of the faculty of humanities and pedagogy Svitlana Kharchenko and the head ofthe department of social work and rehabilitation Iryna Sopivnyk. Each speech focuses on the importance of scientific research in the field of preserving the health of the population during the full-scale invasion of the russian invaders in Ukraine and providing high-quality services of psychological, medical, social, pedagogical, legal support for adolescents and young people to improve the demographic situation in Ukraine.



   The event was moderated by a psychologist, president of the Ukrainian association of psychosomatics of reproductive perinatal psychology, senior lecturer of the department of social work and rehabilitation of NULES of Ukraine Antonina Kartushynska.


   During the plenary session of the conference, the results of scientific research were announced with words of support for the Ukrainian people in the fight against Russian aggression and wishes for a speedy victory over the rashists, achieving peace and prosperity.:
   Vermiglio Valerio and Simona Esposito (Italy), which outlined a solution to the problem of "White Orphans who are children of wage earners", and also revealed the family traditions of Italy.


   Levon Sargsyan and Lilit Lachinyan (Armenia) revealed the peculiarities of gender inequality of children of Armenian families and presented a methodology for preparing young people for responsible fatherhood;

   Samir Abdullayev (Azerbaijan) shared his best practices on the expanded classification of shoulder throws in sambo wrestling, which contributes to the physical development and health of athletes;
   Nadiia Ivleva (Kazakhstan) presented the results of a study on the impact of the psycho-emotional state of teachers of Kazakh universities on students;
   Niyole LisevicheneDanute VizmanaiteDiana Kossovskene and Loreta Ruskeviciute (Lithuania) shared their experience in using interlocking technologies in the work of the Trakai center for education.
   Among the conference participants, the reports of our compatriots deserve special attention:
Aliona Altanova made a presentation on "Models and causes of sexual violence during war: foreign experience of scientific and ethical interpretation". The content of the speech focuses on the shocking and traumatic events that Ukraine is currently experiencing during the full-scale russian aggression. It is noted that during the occupation of Bucha, Irpin, Mariupol, Izyum and other Ukrainian cities and villages, facts of rape of civilians were recorded. This is recognized by the international community as a "weapon of war".


   Antonina Kartushynska made a presentation: "War and women's reproductive health: problems of protection and recovery". A professional psychologist drew the audience's attention to: the health problems of a military woman; the stresses that women experience during the war; the long stay of women in damp and cold rooms that are not suitable for life. The direction of further scientific developments on the development of special programs and methodological recommendations for preserving the health of military women is proposed.

   Stepan Husakovskyi with his speech" "Reproductive health of men in the modern world", addressed the conference participants with a question about the violation of the reproductive function of men. The scientist noted the need to start studying the problem of infertility in men and women at the same time, and it is advisable to take women's fertility into account when planning the diagnosis and treatment of male infertility.

   Victoria Ivakh raised the issue of the negative impact of the COVID-19 epidemic on the reproductive health of men and women and addressed the conference participants with a report "Relevance and modern methods of infertility treatment". The speaker described the main problems and directions of restoring the reproductive capacity of young people who have suffered a viral disease and are now experiencing the devastating psychological impact of war.

   Lyudmyla Chekal made a report "Spiritual and moral aspects of the problem of human reproduction". The researcher focused the attention of the conference participants on the problems of spirituality, morality, ethics, and religiosity in human reproduction. The scientist noted that this problem is broader than medical: It is social, economic, psychological, pedagogical, mental, etc., so the process of educating the younger generation should include sex education as the basis for forming a healthy family.

   Olena Babych in her report "Legal issues of postmortem reproduction" revealed the concept of "postmortem reproduction" as a series of medical and biotechnological procedures performed for humans and with direct intervention in the body and body after death in two ways: fertilization using germ cells obtained during the life of the deceased donor, and fertilization using germ cells taken from the donor posthumously. The researcher also outlined the difference in the scope of rights and understanding of some of them for each of the parents who used the post-mortem reproduction service.


   Oleh Shvets in his report "The impact of nutrition and lifestyle on human reproductive function" revealed the consequences of: abuse of alcoholic beverages by women and men, caffeinated products; strict dietary restrictions among adolescent girls and young women; overweight and obesity; adherence to a certain diet model on the reproductive function of the body. The author updates the daily consumption of a sufficient amount of healthy food products in accordance with the recommendations for healthy nutrition.


   Based on the results of the conference, an electronic collection of report materials was prepared.
We sincerely thank the conference participants for their fruitful work, active discussion and scientific interest in improving the reproductive and mental health of the population!

Iryna Sopivnyk,
head of the department of social work and rehabilitation



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