Participation in the creative project "I am a philologist – translator" is the voice of our heart

16 жовтня 2022 року


Students of the 3rd year of the PhilA-20002b group decided to take the initiative and were the first to take part in the creative project "I am a philologist – translator". 
        The third year of study in their chosen specialty did not change their desire to become translators, but clearly outlined the diversity of their tasks in translation. Students are confident in their knowledge, and many of them have already tried their hand at translating scientific and business texts, fulfilling orders and tasks of private translation agencies. And they were convinced: they can do it!

          The most active students of the group filmed video clip, which answered several important questions about the place of the translation profession in modern society. Our life before each of us, in particular students, puts forward new challenges. Especially today, when the brutal war with the rashists continues, we understand our tasks for Ukraine and the Ukrainian people. Although we are only students, we are also needed. Therefore, we make every effort in our studies.



 The profession of a translator requires not only knowledge of the basics of translation, which was mastered during the study of professional disciplines, literacy, the ability to be a master of the word, but also creative inclinations in translation activities. Therefore, with great attention and vigilance, we absorb every word of our instructors, try to implement it practically in order to consolidate and not forget their instructions and recommendations.

Third-year students noted that participation in such creative projects encourages more in-depth study of English, develops their creative abilities and aesthetic taste.

Students of the PhilA-20002b group, under the guidance of their mentor Inna Serhienko enjoyed the result of their work and are happy to share it.


Prepared by students Sofiia Shtuka, Sofia Okhota,
Muzyka Kateryna, Anastasiia Shudykina,
Dmytro Dolzhenko and Olha Fedorchuk

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