Holy Intercession – Amulet of Ukraine

14 жовтня 2022 року


When a conspiracy kingdom around
us is wasting your years,
the Cover of the Holy Mother of God covers us all
From the forces of bloody and hostile,
That our land are oppressing again,
May the Cover always be on guard
from the Virgin of the Intercession.


       On October 14 Ukrainians have for long  been celebrating the Intercession of the Most Holy Theotokos. There are several legends about this beautiful autumn holiday, one of them says that in 910 in the city of Jerusalem, the Most Holy Theotokos appeared to the holy fool Andrew and his disciple Epiphanius during the divine service. The Mother of God covered them and all the faithful with a white veil, which protected them from visible and invisible enemies.

     There is a cult in Ukraine of the Virgin Mary which was immortalized by Yaroslav the Wise during the construction of the Church of Saint Sofia and the Church of the Annunciation on the Golden Gate in Kyiv. A kind of symbol of national guardianship is the majestic altar mosaic of Mother of God Oranta in SofiaChurch, on which Maria, bringing Her hands up (as a prototype of Makosha), asks for a blessing to the Ukrainian people. In the cone above her there is a multilingual inscription "God is in the midst of Her and will not be disturbed, He helps Her day by day."

     Today, in terrible times for the Ukrainian people, when the executioner sets foot on our native land, we ask for the intercession of the Most Pure Virgin for our defenders and believe that Mother of God will cover them with Her omophorion, and soon we will celebrate our Victory!




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