Academic Council of humanitarians: results of the 2022 entrance campaign and the need to strengthen career guidance work

28 вересня 2022 року


On September 24, 2022, a remote meeting of the Academic Council of the faculty of humanities and pedagogy was held. The agenda included topical issues of the faculty's life under special conditions of martial law.
   Chairman of the Academic Council Inna Savytska started the meeting with providing information on the results of the activities of the faculty of humanities and pedagogy in September 2022. Inna Mykolaivna thanked the faculty staff for making maximum efforts and hard work during the recruitment of applicants under the difficult conditions of martial law. The dean of the faculty informed about the beginning of first-year students ' studies, the course of their settlement in dormitories, admission to the master's program, the results of the entrance campaign to graduate school, accreditation, organization of practical training, holding a solemn round table "Independence of Ukraine: origins, achievements, challenges" (August 24, 2022), significant achievements of students of the faculty of humanities and pedagogy in the field of physical culture and sports, recognition of the head of the department of physical education Mykola Kostenko the best beach soccer coach of the 2022 season etc.


   Deputy dean Bohdan Nazarov reported on the results of the 2022 entrance campaign. Quality of educational services provided by NULES of Ukraine, also affects the quantitative indicators of the students. This is evident in the successful recruitment of students in the face of growing competition in the provision of educational services and wartime. Bohdan Oleksandrovych focused on the activation of functioning the Center for career guidance conducting master classes and career guidance meetings with students and instructors.


   In the discussion took part: the head of the department of pedagogy Ruslan Sopivnyk,the head of the department of social work and rehabilitation Iryna Sopivnyk, acting head the department of English philology Vira Nikonova, professor of the department of journalism and language communication Tetiana Semashko, which focused on the importance of monitoring the quality of providing educational services to applicants for higher education of bachelor's and master's degrees; conducting verification of attendance at classes and questionnaires of all participants in the educational process; the practice of conducting open lectures and laboratory and practical classes.
   Chairman of the Academic Council Inna Savytska focused the attention of the heads of departments on activating the work of research and teaching staff at the stage of preparation for certification of e-learning courses of disciplines, since it is the platform Elearn which is the basis of distance learning, which makes it possible to fully conduct the vast majority of training sessions, organize independent work of students and control activities.
   Professor of the department of social work and rehabilitation Inna Osadchenko presented a scientific report on the topic "Innovations in higher education: the use of training technologies in the educational process." It is based on data obtained as a result of a study of modern means of motivating students to learn. The head of the department of pedagogy Ruslan Sopivnik, head of the department of social work and rehabilitation Iryna Sopivnyk, head of the department of foreign philology and translation Svitlana Amelina, took part in the discussion of the report, which is evidence of the relevance and urgency of the topic of the scientific report.


   Concluding the meeting, chairman of the Academic Council of the faculty of humanities and pedagogy Inna Savytska thanked the members of the Academic Council for the activity, advice and recommendations that were voiced from them during the meeting, and focused the attention of the members of the Academic Council on the tasks of organizing the educational process in October 2022, namely: in educational activities – strictly observe the rules of conduct under martial law in Ukraine and sanitary and epidemiological standards in educational premises and on the territory of the University; constantly monitor the quality of educational services for applicants for higher education of bachelor's and master's degrees; ensure timely and high-quality accreditation of educational and scientific programs; in scientific activities – prepare the II International scientific and practical conference "Medicine and psychology in human reproduction – a multidisciplinary approach" (October 20, 2022, department of social work and rehabilitation); to activate the publication activity of the faculty; to finalize and strengthen the prepared research projects for 2023; to establish cooperation with business, to advertise scientific services of departments, to activate the work of self-supporting divisions; in international activities – to activate international scientific cooperation of the faculty with leading foreign scientists, specialists by conducting scientific events in an online format in order to popularize scientific research of the University.


   Members of the Academic Council also considered other important issues of the life of the faculty of humanities and pedagogy.


Inna Hrabovska,
secretary of the Academic Council
of the faculty of humanities and education

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