Invincible, because educated, or traditional celebrations on the occasion of the initiation of humanitarians into first-year students

20 вересня 2022 року


This academic year is special. For the first time in the history of our young independent state, school bells rang in bomb shelters. For the first time in history, the symbolic key to knowledge, which is traditionally awarded at celebrations on the occasion of the beginning of the school year, has acquired a special, sacramental meaning, as every day we live and every restful night's sleep takes on a special meaning for us. For the first time in history, not a single celebration in all educational institutions was held without a minute of silence. This is the beginning of the school year under martial law.
   Faculty of humanities and pedagogyof the National University of Life and Environmental Sciences of Ukraine is an elite faculty that launched many of those who joined the galaxy of successful, winged ones, whose names Ukraine is famous for today: Stanislav Mykolayovych Nikolaenko – rector of the University, Ukrainian politician and public figure, Professor, Doctor of pedagogical sciences, honored worker of education of Ukraine; Shcherbak Olha Ivanivna – director of the Kyiv professional and pedagogical college named after A. Makarenko, doctor of pedagogical sciences, corresponding member of the National Academy of Pedagogical Sciences of Ukraine; Vasyl Fedorovych Dmytryshyn – director of the Stryi agricultural college of Lviv National Agrarian University, candidate of economic sciences, associate professor, honored worker of agriculture of Ukraine and many others.
   Every year, about 500 applicants become students of the faculty of humanities and pedagogy-erudite, ambitious, winged, and conscious of their choice. The 2022 academic year, despite the fact that it began under martial law, was no exception in this regard: each specialty of the faculty was replenished with new applicants for education, eager to gain knowledge at the University, which occupies high positions not only in Kyiv and Ukraine, but also in Europe and around the world. In total, 479 first-year students became members of our extended family!




    Traditional celebrations on the occasion of the beginning of the new academic year and initiation into students began in the morning on the first day of study. The entrance to the main building resembled a large flower garden: the multicolored embroidery pleased the eye, made you think about how Ukrainian, nurtured for centuries, returns to Ukrainians through such a traditional outfit. First-year students, instructors, and parents, excited and solemn, filled the Assembly Hall; members of the presidium, at the invitation of the presenters, went up to the stage; a congratulatory inscription on the stage was demonstrating the Ukrainian national decor.






   All celebrations traditionally begin with the National Anthem Of Ukraine. So it was this time. But this hall does not remember such unity, such strength of the national spirit, such pride and awareness of itself as part of the majestic universe called Ukraine, which were felt in every detail of the action: the anthem was sung by everyone – students, instructors, parents, guests. Loudly, living every word as their own life, hand on heart, many – with tears in their eyes. The trials not only hardened and united us, they awakened in us the national nature, the deep ancestral principle that lives in the soul of every Ukrainian.




   The introduction of the flag of the native faculty to the sounds "Our faculty, grow and prosper!"(faculty anthem based on the words of the graduate Mariana Palahniuk and the professor's music of the department of cultural studies, people's artist of Ukraine Roman Rudyi). Roman Antonovych went on stage several more times, raising the spirits of those present and setting them up for positive emotions.



   The dean congratulated the first year students of the faculty of humanities and pedagogy Inna Savytska in her appeal, she thanked for the trust and choice made, wished for the implementation of ambitious plans and noted that by accepting applicants for training in the midst of a full-scale invasion, giving lectures and drawing up curricula, the staff of the faculty and the entire university proves: we cannot be broken!



    On behalf of the rector's office, the head of the educational and methodological Department of NULES of Ukraine, doctor of pedagogical sciences, professor Larysa Klich addressed the audience and stressed that a powerful, prosperous state begins with educational classrooms, sports halls and libraries, that it is in the tireless work of everyone that our victory is, and educational and scientific achievements are an invaluable contribution to the future of our country. She wished the first-year students confidence and inspiration in gaining professional knowledge.



   Deputy deans joined in the congratulations  – Ihor ButsykSvitlana KharchenkoVadym Ovcharenko.
   A minute of silence, during which many wiped away tears, was observed in memory of the fallen instructors and students of the University, who from the first days of the full-scale invasion, at the call of their hearts, went to defend their country and laid bright heads for its independence, sovereignty and bright future. And the fact that the victory will definitely come, the instructor assured from the screen of the department of cultural studies Serhiy Dudko who is now defending our independence in the ranks of the armed forces of Ukraine.



    The first year students,  Ivan Zhishko and Maria Halyuk said with special trepidation the words of their first oath in the walls of NULES, which showed the desire of everyone not only to become a worthy student of the chosen educational institution, but also to increase the achievements of the University, act and create for the benefit of their native Ukraine. And the audience confidently repeated: "We swear! We swear! We swear!»


   From the hands of first-year students, according to good tradition, the dean accepted a fragrant loaf, and the first-year student Valeriia Tarasenko who has already managed to become a member of the studio "Solospiv" under the direction of the Honored artist of Ukraine Viktor Kavun, gave a musical souvenir – "We are from Ukraine!»
The words "NULES is our home", which were heard from the stage at the end, the hall was singing together with the performers of the department of cultural studies, because these words were about Ukraine, about its glory and honor, about its worthy sons and daughters. Words that are now on everyone's lips. Words that pierce the soul and make the heart beat faster.



   Life goes on. Meet, university walls, a new generation of knowledge-hungry people! Applicants ' plans to master the desired profession will definitely come true! Victory to be!


Cherednyk L. M.,
senior lecturer of the department of pedagogy

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