We participate in the international academic training project " Civic Education vs. Disinformation: Countering Fake Histories in International Politics and Propaganda»

1 вересня 2022 року


On  August 30 instructors of the department of international relations and social sciences participated in the first meeting within the framework of International academic training project " Civic Education vs. Disinformation: Countering Fake Histories in International Politics and Propaganda "("civic education against disinformation: countering false interpretations of history in international politics and propaganda"), organized by Public organization "Kyiv school of diplomatic arts".

   This initiative is supported by the USAID/ENGAGE program ("Enhance Non-Governmental Actors and Grassroots Engagement") and the international humanitarian organization Pact. The partners are the Austin Barclay Fletcher school of law and diplomacy at Tufts University (USA), Global Policy, Diplomacy, and Sustainability Fellowship Program from the Global Policy Insights analytic center (India), as well as other institutions specializing in international relations and countering disinformation at the international level.
   The program includes a series of seminars: "Discourses on history and collective identities in international affairs: justifying conquests and other cases", "Myths of Russian history and their impact on international politics", "Simulation games in diplomatic research: scenarios for countering disinformation and fake stories at the international level", "Russia, China and discourses on history in East Asian geopolitics", "Poland, Ukraine and (concept) Intermarium: history as a problem vs. History as an opportunity", "Turkey, Ukraine and the Black Sea region: the past in modern politics", "Discourses on history and foreign policy rhetoric in the Spanish world", "Discourses on history in (for, how) diplomatic practice", "Historical discourses in public diplomacy", "History-based disinformation and historical narratives in media diplomacy".
   The first organizational meeting was joined by instructors of the Universities and scientists from Kyiv, Kharkiv, Mykolaiv, Sumy, Chernivtsi, and other cities of Ukraine. The organizers noted the role of instructors in developing curricula for training international students in a broad sense, suggesting attracting a wide range of students of related specialties: political scientists, historians, sociologists, journalists.
   Participation in seminars within the project ensures the acquisition of the following competencies: recognition of historical and quasi-historical discourses in various sources (Media, documents of official institutions and non-governmental organizations, social networks, etc.); work with such information, in particular its analysis for origin; schemes or schemes for developing the development of relevant ideas; the manifestation of certain ideas in individual or collective practices; influence on decisions and actions of official and/or unofficial, but influential people; implementation in political planning and political decisions, acts, strategies; search for ways and options for appropriate counter actions.


        Instructors of the department of international relations and social sciences professor Oleksandr Shevchuk, associate professors Olena Kropyvko and Viktoriia Khvist discussed with their colleagues the details of possible cooperation, agreeing to continue cooperation for the entire duration of the project implementation.


Olena Kropyvko,
associate professor of the department of international relations and social sciences

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