We will stand, brothers, in a bloody battle from the Syan to Don rivers, we will not let anyone rule in our native land…

25 серпня 2022 року


The history of the Ukrainian people is rich in heroic pages, heroic figures, and heroic battles. We are proud that the Ukrainian people have never waged wars of conquest, but only defended their homeland, their goods, their honor and dignity from distant and close neighbors who are greedy for other people's goods. And when dark clouds gather over their native land, and the enemy invasion threatens the lives of relatives and friends, the entire nation rises to the defense – from old to young, young men and women, residents of cities and villages, east and West.

Today, we, Ukrainians, are united and strong in our desire to deflect the rushist threat from our native land. Today, our land gives birth to new heroes – strong and brave, for whom honor and dignity are not empty words, for whom it is an honor to bear the title of Ukrainian.



Among the current defenders of Ukraine on its combat lines are both students and graduates of the faculty of humanities and pedagogy of the specialty Professional education Oleksandr Nechay, Dmytro Balanyuk, Vladyslav Kudryavtsev.

On the day of our invincibility, we can't help but remember the student of our department, whose life was cut short in the trenches of the front line in the Donetsk steppes – Vadym Vynnychuk. His life principles, his sincere desire to clear his native land from invasion will forever become an example of self-sacrifice for the future of our native Ukraine. Bright memory to the hero!



Born in a free Ukraine under the yellow-blue flag, full of enthusiasm, dreams and hopes, they did not hesitate to stand up for the motherland. Today, they are holding back the enemy's invasion in the southern and eastern directions and are convinced that there will definitely be a victory!

On the occasion of the Independence Day of Ukraine – a public holiday, which in our minds in connection with recent events takes on a special meaning, - Kudryavtsev Vladyslav was awarded the Diploma of the commander of a military unit.



We are proud of our students, keep in touch with them and try to help with their requests and needs. In deep respect, we bow our heads to their parents for raising heroes, we believe in a quick victory over the enemy!


Cherednyk Lidiia,
senior lecturer of the department of pedagogy

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