Future journalists choose the format of full-time training

5 серпня 2022 року


Among the specialties of the faculty of humanities and pedagogy of NULES of Ukraine, one of the most interesting and most popular is specialty "Journalism" the relevance and significance of which increased during the indomitable struggle of the Ukrainian people for freedom, independence and territorial integrity. Future journalists focus on the benefits of full-time education today.

NULES of Ukraine differs significantly from other universities in Ukraine that train journalists in that from the first year of study, students have a unique opportunity to work out theoretical knowledge in practice, quickly gain the necessary practical skills, paving the way for the profession in order to become real professionals in the future.



     And here of particular importance is "live" learning, which according to students-journalists has indisputable advantages, including: the opportunity to actively participate in student life, the opportunity to devote time exclusively to study, easier and wider access to knowledge through presence at lectures and practical classes, in particular, when it comes to practice-oriented learning, which is the highlight of the EPP "Journalism" in NULES of Ukraine. At the service of students is a modern material and technical base: a media center, a photo studio, a scientific and practical magazine, a radio, a TV studio "Sviy NULES", an educational Media Lab, practical activities in which contribute to the disclosure of future journalists ' unique prospects for their creative abilities.



      Media Lab – this is a real creative oasis, where students master new media formats; create a variety of media content, translating the most daring ideas and creative ideas into reality; work out the skills of working in television and radio studios; work out in practice theoretical knowledge about the use of video and audio equipment, lighting devices and other auxiliary equipment; try themselves as photojournalists, bloggers of social networks, presenters, etc.


     Life in NULES Ukraine is extremely diverse and offers a colorful palette of events, and therefore information stories for prompt and effective coverage of news material. To date, students of the Department of journalism and speech communication have already prepared 19 full-fledged news releases, which are published in the “Sviy NULES” YouTube channel open for viewing.


      Students are journalists and during the holidays are in the maelstrom of university events. For example, 3rd year applicants Valeria Kryvitska, Mykola Bondarenko and Serhiy Minin during the All-Ukrainian forum "SEB-2022": cooperation of science, education and business for the post-war revival of Ukraine", which was held on the basis of NULES Of Ukraine On July 20, 2022, demonstrated outstanding skills, discipline and desire to work in their specialty. Future journalists met and accompanied guests, interviewed, prepared informational materials, realizing that they have a unique opportunity to quickly acquire much-needed practical skills in order to become real professionals in the future, reaching the heights of journalistic skills.




    Ensuring the formation of the necessary competencies of future specialists is a common task of both the academic environment and stakeholders, and therefore, a fruitful meeting of teachers and students of the department of journalism and speech communication with stakeholders – journalists of the All-Ukrainian newspaper for scientists and teachers "Svit" – has become not only constructive, but at the same time a very warm dialogue in the context of creative development of the potential of young people.
     University headed by the rector academician Stanislav Nikolaenko does everything possible to educate applicants for education with high moral and ethical qualities, real citizens, patriots of their native land, and therefore real professional journalists who are trained to work according to journalistic standards, respect their audience, and be unbiased patriots of their state for the sake of the common victory of Ukraine, its post-war revival and harmonious development!


Together we are strong and invincible!


Tetiana Semashko,
professor of the department of journalism and language communication

Valeria Kryvitska,
3rd year student of the specialty "Journalism"

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