Safety, learning and confidence in victory: meeting of humanities students with the faculty management

4 серпня 2022 року


 "Ubi concordia, ibi victoria – Where there is consent, there is victory" - says the Latin maxim. This wisdom, honed to the point of sharpness and tested for centuries, is becoming extremely relevant in our time. It is in order to coordinate all issues related to the organization of the educational process, find agreement between different opinions, overcome doubts, uncertainty, indecision on the eve of the new academic year August 02 a management meeting was held at the faculty of humanities and pedagogy with students. And also-just to see and hear each other.


   Prior to the meeting with students, vice-rector for scientific and pedagogical work Vasyl Shynkaruk, organized a meeting with the faculty management, where issues of organizing a safe educational process in the new academic year were discussed.
   The dean of the faculty began the meeting with students with warm words of congratulations Inna Savytska who wished the students strength, endurance and inspiration to study, because it is in the classrooms that our front line is today.



   Inna Mykolaivna introduced the audience to the schedule of the educational process in NULES of Ukraine on 1 semester of the 2022-23 academic year and the adjustments that the war made to it. Thus, based on the analysis of the content of training specialists at the faculty of humanities and pedagogy and taking into account the available number of places in the shelters of academic buildings, it was decided that before the training sessions from August 15 students take over:


   - off-line mode (in classrooms): EL "Bachelor" 3rd year "Psychology" ; 3rd year "Social work"; 2nd and 3rd year "Physical education and sports"; 2nd year "Professional education"; 3rd year "Journalism";
 - in online mode (remotely): 2, 3, 4 courses EL "Bachelor" specialties:" International relations", "Philology"; 3, 4 courses and 2sk "Professional education"; 2, 4 course "Social work", 2, 4 course "Journalism", 2, 4 course "Psychology"; EL "Master" 2 year "Personnel management";
 - in mixed format - training and production practices of EL "Master" 2 year of study "international relations", "Philology", "Psychology", "Social work", "Educational, pedagogical sciences".


   So, 2nd and 3rd year students will be the first to complete full-time training this year. This division is reasonable, because these are students who have already overcome the equator on the way to a bachelor's degree, have basic theoretical knowledge, but need to develop practical skills and professional competencies, which are extremely difficult and almost impossible to acquire remotely. The choice of specialties is also not accidental: during the war, the need of Ukrainian society for qualified psychologists and social rehabilitologists, journalists who will cover events objectively and promptly, has sharply increased. It is also difficult to imagine an athlete who will train only remotely and bring gold to our country at international competitions. And second-year students of the specialty "Professional education" have so many laboratory classes that it is extremely difficult to master them independently. High-quality practical training is impossible without an appropriate material and technical base and equipped laboratories.



   However, the dean stressed that the university does not force us to make a choice between safety and education, because we are a single family where the safety of children, our students, is an absolute priority. Therefore, the training will be held in a mixed format in compliance with all security measures in wartime conditions. Inna Savytska explained how training will take place in classrooms, in which buildings students of Humanities will study, the algorithm of actions in case of an air alarm, told about the readiness of shelters and bomb shelters of the University, in particular, informed that all buildings in shelters have benches and chairs, drinking water, first-aid kits, fire extinguishers, access to toilets, etc. Separately, the dean spoke about ensuring the safety of staying in dormitories and the schedule of accommodation in them.



   Then the meeting was held in the format of a live dialogue. Students accumulated a lot of questions: how students of a reduced form of Education will study, whether it is necessary to check into a hostel in advance, before the start of the full-time study period, how to pass a professional exam for admission to the master's program, how students who are abroad will study, also asked about the nuances of settling in dormitories and the safety of staying in them. And also: how to get there by public transport for couples and not be late, how to pay for tuition and accommodation in a hostel, and many other questions.


   The main thing is that the students heard the answers to these and other questions, and there was a constructive dialogue about how we can calmly and carefully plan our life and studies further. During the war. In the heart of the capital of a country that opposes the aggressor. And we are confident that only through joint efforts will we win. Only together. After all, Ubi concordia, ibi victoria!



students of the Journ-20001b group
and the group's curator is Olena Balalaeva,
associate professor of the department of journalism and language communication

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