Interview with future Master's student of philology Daria Habdrakhmanova: Master's degree in philology at NULES of Ukraine – professional practice and excellent career prospects

3 серпня 2022 року


– Good afternoon, Daryna! After completing your bachelor's degree, your choice is the only correct one – master's degree, philology, NULES of Ukraine. This is a serious step and an important achievement! Tell us if the path to this decision was quick, or, on the contrary, you hesitated for a long time and had some doubts.


Good afternoon! This academic year I received a basic higher education at NULES of Ukraine – a bachelor's degree in specialty 035 philology with specialization 035.041 Philology (German languages and literature (translation inclusive), first English) at the department of Romance and Germanic languages and translation. When I entered the first year, I didn't even have a question about choosing between universities: while studying in high school, I knew that I would enter NULES of Ukraine for philology, because I've been always interested in foreign languages.


– Why NULES of Ukraine?


Because it is one of the best universities in our country, which provides an opportunity to get a high-quality professional education, including in foreign philology. Having the experience of 4 years of Bachelor's degree training, I did not hesitate at all whether I would enter the master's program and whether it would be NULES of Ukraine.

– What, in your opinion, are the prospects for studying for a master's degree? After all, some of the students, frankly, believe that a bachelor's degree is enough?

– I felt the advantages of a master's degree graduate over a bachelor's degree graduate even during my internship, especially in my senior bachelor's degree courses. I had an industrial translation internship at one of the translation agencies in  Kyiv. When the HR director of the bureau received resumes of candidates for the position of translator, preference was given primarily to candidates who had a master's degree. Why? Statistics show that the best and most successful candidates, and later employees of leading companies, and first of all this applies to translators, are university graduates who have received a master's degree. Moreover, and this is especially true for philologists specializing in foreign philology, while studying for a master's degree, students have the opportunity to concentrate on the practical direction of their future profession (that is, they can work, in particular, as translators), and the educational material is mastered by 70-80% independently. In addition, if you want to build a successful career and realize your professional ambitions, then a master's degree is a necessary path for you. Especially if you have ambitions to get a senior position.
Also, the master's program consists of almost highly specialized disciplines of the chosen field of study, in contrast to many general education disciplines on The Bachelor's degree. This gives you more opportunities to gain professional knowledge and skills. So, as for me, the prospects and advantages are obvious!

– You noted that you did not even hesitate to choose a master's degree in NULES of Ukraine. Please tell us about your motives.

– Over the past few years, we have all had to go through very difficult trials: the Covid19 pandemic and the terrible events since the beginning of the full-scale war of the Russian aggressor against our country. But we, Ukrainians, are strong and courageous, we will stand up and prosper even better and stronger than before! These are the words we have said to each other – in the chat of our student group, in the chat with teachers, in the chat of the faculty and university – wide chats-especially since February 24, 2022. It really was a very important moral support for each other, it really sometimes saved from panic, fear, despair, gave strength to believe and live on, no matter what. I remember correspondence with our teachers (not only with the curator, but also with those who read various disciplines in our group, with the head of the department) really sincere and full of excitement for us, students, inspired words of support, assurances that we will overcome everything and meet very soon during our classes. Indeed, classes were soon resumed, albeit in a remote format for obvious reasons, but we, the students, understood what efforts this required from our teachers, the dean's office and the university as a whole. During all four years of my university studies, I was repeatedly convinced that I was taught by real professionals in my field, philologists and instructors with a capital letter. They not only passed on their professional knowledge and skills to us, the students, but also taught us how to acquire them independently, set priorities, go to the goal and strive to be successful and competitive professionals in their field. Well, the final result depends on the perseverance and self-awareness of each student!

"That's right, Daryna! I totally agree with you. Thank you for an interesting conversation. It was very nice talking to you. I wish you success in your master's degree studies and the implementation of all your professional plans in the future!

Thank you very much!

The interview was recorded by Tetiana Luhova,
senior lecturer of the department of Romance and Germanic languages and translation


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