Instructors develop cooperation with MHP company (business coaching)

23 липня 2022 року


On July 20, 2022, the All-Ukrainian forum "SEB – 2022" - cooperation of science, education and business for the post-war revival of the country" was held on the basis of NULES. About 600 participants – representatives of state authorities, business, scientific, educational and public organizations-joined its work.

Based on the results of the Forum, a meeting of the head of the department of pedagogy was held on July 22 Ruslan Vasylyovych Sopivnyk with the head of the professional training department of MHP company Olena Azeeva.


MHP is the largest producer and exporter of chicken meat in Ukraine. The company specializes in the production of chicken and grain cultivation, as well as conducts other agricultural activities (production of meat and sausage products and ready-to-eat meat products). Today MHP is: a leading poultry producer in Europe with one of the strongest food brands in Ukraine, one of the largest grain producers in Ukraine with significant growth potential, the largest producer in the meat processing market in Ukraine.

Cooperation with MHP is not new for the department of pedagogy. Dmytro Los a representative of MHP, he was a guest and conducted classes with students within the framework of the club of agricultural and educational consulting, which works at the department of pedagogy.

During the meeting, the leaders agreed onthe staff of the department offered their services in training the company's employees. It was about the work of experienced employees with beginners and young employees, as mentors, promoting their effective adaptation and joining the labor collective.


Head of the professional training department of MHP Olena Azeeva noted the practical nature of training, the formation of skills, performing exercises, tasks, and solving various situations.

The leaders also discussed the possibility of joint work on the introduction of elements of dual education. MHP is interested in students completing internships in the specialty "professional education" on its base with possible further employment. It would be interesting for students to go on a guided tour of the enterprise. Cooperation is also possible in conducting intellectual and professional competitions, competitions to identify the best students and their further employment.

Ruslan Vasylyovych proposed to jointly develop a program according to which teachers of the department will conduct classes for members of the company's team on the formation of staff leadership skills, soft, social, professional success skills, team building, time management, countering manipulative influences and using hidden influence technologies in management.

Olena Azeeva was interested in the author's course of Ruslan Vasylyovych "Business leadership life hacks: countering manipulative influences in official relationships».





Good luck with your cooperation!


Matsenko Lesya,
assistant professor of the department of pedagogy

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