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16 червня 2022 року


Hello, everyone! My name is Ruslana Mykolaivna Bilyk. I'm an instructore of the department of social work and rehabilitation of NULES of Ukraine. I'm also an Instagram blogger. My subscribers include students, teachers, and prospective applicants. I wasn't deliberately trying to win the right audience. They all have found me on their own. Every day I cover a lot of social issues, conduct dialogues with subscribers and discussions that relate to personal self-determination, mentality, behavioral psychology and accumulating confidence in those who lack it. To interview future students, I used the tool that I know best – the questionnaire in InstaStories.

   It turned out to be a kind of study of the thoughts and aspirations of future students, an extremely stormy and bitter issue of 2022.
58% of the graduates I've surveyed are planning to enter the Universities this year. Agree, the figure is frightening. But most of all, the reality outside the window of the country that we love so much is frightening. 9% of respondents plan to study abroad, because it is there that they are now with their mothers who saved them from the war. 33% are still undecided, will act "according to the situation", and the situation during the war changes every day.
   53% of respondents are already sure that they will choose a humanitarian profession, and I will not hide the fact that I, as a humanitarian, am very happy about this! 19% each received the answers “Where to they will take me” and “I haven't decided yet (I doubt it)”, respectively. These are actually questions of the same kind, but with different motives. The first one indicates that the applicant wants to study, but is not sure of their educational or financial capabilities. The second is about the choices that young people are trying to make and they need our information support, in particular.
   As a researcher, I am extremely interested in the motivation of a modern applicant. For the fifth consecutive master class on writing a motivation letter, we focus on students ' different views on motivation to learn. We teach them not to hide their dreams and aspirations.

   With the stories questionnaire, everything is easier. Anonymity gives scope to the sincerity of responses. And they were quite interesting. 35% of the surveyed applicants see their studies as “smart people will teach me something”, 14% – want a simple student “I will go through and get a diploma”. 7% - dream of leaving home, changing their place of residence and finally finding like-minded people. And (which causes me the greatest delight), 45% of respondents want to realize their ambitions, realize their ideas and grow. All this will be available to them at the University.
   It is also interesting for future applicants to assess their strength and capabilities. 45% of them consider themselves smart enough, 39% – not smart enough, and 12% – geniuses! How do you like this, Elon Musk? 4% of respondents succumb to the trends of the time and want to be bloggers, without a higher education. As a blogger with a higher education, I can't even imagine how many opportunities a person loses when they stop studying. I hope I can change their minds soon.
   Most of the applicants I interviewed understand that they will still have to learn a little remotely. We know that The Armed forces of Ukraine work like all the movie characters of the Marvel universe combined, but still “bangs”. We care about our students and 45% of applicants understand this. For 22%, distance learning is even more pleasant, but still 14% admit that they do not know how to learn online, and 19% state at all “I did not learn anything at school and I will not learn here.” I would like to support young people, especially since Nubip is one of those universities that was the first to resume work and full-time education, and plans to switch to full-time work under, we hope, already peaceful skies, in the fall.
   So how does the 2022 applicant choose the Western military district: by region? rating ? will your parents choose it? But no. It's very simple – I should like the University. Fall in love with myself. It's like the first trip to the Holosiivskyi forest in the 212th minibus - love at first sight. Just kidding, of course. But NULES really has something about it to be liked. Even the most demanding applicants.
   What is included in the understanding of “cool University” for a student? Yaroslav Petrenko: "Cool instructors, pleasant atmosphere, profession to your liking”. Anatoliy Tyshchenko: "cheap canteen and gas in the hostel”. Karina Ishchenko: "recreation room and normal, modern literature"” Kulinich Lesya: "creative rector and dean. It really changes everything." Maryna Mykytenko: "I would like to be taught by practical instructors who feel the present themselves. Sofia Drobysh: "Modern instructors". Maryna Polshakova: "Instructors who can convey to the student material that is not learned from the book with old data.” Yulia Kyrylyuk: "Great instructors who come to work mostly not for a salary, and give themselves away fully.” As you can see, personalities decide everything!
   The choice of form of study is also interesting: 25% definitely see themselves on a budget; 18% do not worry and will definitely study on a contract, and 57% (my favorite category of ambitious dreamers) will try their hand at chasing budget places, and then – as luck would have it. "Tell me, how to get on the budget?", the question is interesting, but not uncommon. I tell you: submit documents and a motivation letter to the admissions committee for specialty " Social work” and anything is possible!
   I admit that I tried to negotiate with at least one of the 46 applicants I interviewed. But I respect their choice of privacy. We are all afraid somewhere, hesitating somewhere, no matter how many years and experience we have. But when there is a desire, the world itself stretches out its hand. I did this survey to find my student, and I did find one! Yuriy he wrote to me “I dream of studying to be a psychologist or rehabilitologist” and I gave him all the necessary information and support in my own abilities. It seems that this is the beginning of a new path, a new person at the University. Let it be!
   I dream of recording interviews with each of our applicants, I have a desire to find exactly those students with whom we will build the future of Ukraine in lecture halls NULES of Ukraine.


Ruslana Bilyk,
senior lecturer of the department of
social work and rehabilitation


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