The working group on the readiness of bomb shelters and protective coverings has completed its work

10 червня 2022 року


Creating safe conditions for students, research and teaching staff and university employees during the educational process is a critical requirement of our time. To check the readiness of academic buildings and dormitories of the University for the safe stay of residents in the new academic year by Order No. 371 of the rector of the University dated June 8, 2022 a working group was set up to conduct a survey of shelters and bomb shelters for two days.

Under the guidance of the director of the National Research Center for educational work and social development Hennadiy Rzhevskyi and as part of the head of the Civil Protection Department Oleksandr Derevyanko, chief engineer of the University Oleh Samsonyuk, head of the training department Yaroslav Rudyk, deputy head of the educational department for practical training of students Oleh Bachynskyi and the head of the department of educational work and student affairs Serhiy Mykhnyuk the working group conducted a review and analyzed the possibilities of participants in the educational process to stay in safe conditions at a time when an air alarm may sound on the territory of the city of Kyiv and the Kyiv region.

The vice-rector for scientific and pedagogical work assumed control over the implementation of the rector's order Vasyl Shynkaruk. He held an installation meeting of the working group, and also personally visited the facilities on the territory of the University.


On June 8, the working group conducted a survey of the University's academic buildings, analyzed the technical characteristics of the premises, taking into account the possibility for a certain number of people to stay in shelters at the same time. According to sanitary standards, the group members proposed and developed measures to improve the conditions of stay, formed a list of equipment that must be purchased first.




On June 9, the working group drew attention to student dormitories. It should be noted that in many dormitories of the university, even during the construction, the premises that are so necessary today were provided, which are equipped according to the requirements with ventilation facilities, proper places for long-term stay of people.


Students and university staff can stay in a safe environment even when an alarm has caught them in the reading room or during an educational event in the dorm. For some dormitories, members of the working group developed an action plan for retrofitting and carrying out repairs that should be carried out for the full functioning of shelters.

After completion, the recommendations proposed by the working group will be considered at a meeting of the rector's office. Work on the preparation of instructional materials for students and staff continues, and they will be sent to all participants of the educational process before the start of the new academic year.


Yaroslav Rudyk,
head of the training department


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