There should be order both in and around the person: the department of philosophy and international communication is preparing for the 124th anniversary of their beloved University

16 травня 2022 року

The department for an instructor is a place where you spend a lot of time, where you want to return and at the same time where he/she should become a master.

    Therefore, with the onset of favorable weather, May 14, 2022 the team of the departments of philosophy and international communication conducted a general cleaning of the department's premises. It has already become a good and unchanging tradition, which nothing can break – to restore order together in the spring. Even during the war, they decided not to give up their usual life.
  We missed each other's company, as well as our studies. We believe that very soon it will be time to meet with our applicants and students.


  Cleaning turned out to be a wonderful method of getting rid of the nervous tension, excitement that everyone is experiencing today. Joint work, communication, which is the most valuable thing during the war, helped to distract from disturbing thoughts, inspired positive emotions, faith in unconditional victory over the enemy and return to the walls of our beloved department and University in full force as soon as possible! Good weather, cheerfulness and perseverance, gave their results – our working home became clean, neat, beautiful.

  The 124th anniversary of the National University of Life and Environmental Sciences of Ukraine is approaching – this is an incredibly majestic holiday at our alma mater, for which we have started active training at the University. We should celebrate this day with dignity, taking into account martial law and all events. On the territory of the University, traditional spring toloka, cleaning, trees and shrubs are planted. Flowers, magnolias, lilacs bloom in the Botanical garden, chestnuts abound on the territory of the University.

  The University of spring is incredibly blooming and beautiful. We hope that very soon we will change our way of life under martial law to the usual, peaceful one. Students will rush to classes in the classroom in the morning, and we, teachers, will rush to them. And after classes, we will enjoy spending our free time in recreation areas, in the student Square, on the Walk of Fame. Cheerful voices, noise and noise of a busy university life will be heard from everywhere.
  Thanks to our colleagues for their active, energetic, selfless work for joint comfort and kindness!

 We are all determined to win and look to a bright future. Together - we are strong and will win!
Glory to Ukraine! Glory to the Heroes! Everything will be Ukraine!


Tetiana Kychkyruk, Olena Lauta,
associate professors of the department of philosophy and international communication


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