Anniversary X Skovoroda exercises were held: all-Ukrainian scientific and practical online seminar "The role and significance of man in the transformation of social practices: past and present

15 травня 2022 року


Those who think about science love it,
and those who love her never stop learning,
at least outwardly, he seemed inactive.
H. S. Skovoroda

  May 12, 2022 at the faculty of humanities and pedagogy jubilee  X Skovoroda exerciseswere held. Department of philosophy and international communication organized and conducted an online scientific and practical seminar "The role and significance of man in the transformation of social practices: past and present". This time, more than 140 students and postgraduates from different faculties of NULES of Ukraine took part in the exercise "Get to know yourself".

  For the fifth year in a row, twice a year, the department of philosophy and international communication holds this event within the framework of All-Ukrainian Skovoroda exercises "get to know yourself", introduced by the Ministry of education and science to properly prepare for the worthy celebration at the national and international levels of the 300th anniversary of the great Ukrainian philosopher, thinker-sage, poet, teacher, musician, composer, cultural and educational ascetic Hryhoriy Savvovych Skovoroda (1722-1794) and in order to popularize his rich spiritual and pedagogical heritage among educators, students, pupils and postgraduates and the general public.

  The scientific and practical seminar was started by the dean of the Faculty of Humanities and pedagogy Inna Savitskaya who congratulated all participants and stressed how important it is to appreciate and remember our cultural traditions, history and philosophy, especially given that our country is now fighting for its freedom and peace.

  The honorary participant and jury member of the event was the chairman of the Supervisory Board of Nubip of Ukraine and the chairman of the charity organization "Mykola Tomenko Foundation "Ridna kraina", professor of the Department of philosophy and international communication Nikolay Tomenko. He is the initiator of preserving and restoring the historical memory of Ukraine, transmitting the principles of human-centrism and the uniqueness of the Ukrainian nation, which is extremely important today, when the process of forming national consciousness is taking place in Ukraine. Mykola Vladimirovich, as a member of the jury, announced ideological awards from the Ridna kraina team for the winners of the seminar: Skovorodinovsky yearbooks, Ukrainian yearbooks, history of the Ukrainian Constitution.


  The event was moderated by the head of the department of philosophy and international communication Valentyna Kultenko who congratulated all participants of the exercise, spoke about the conditions of the event and gave the first floor to young scientists.

  The scientific work of the seminar was started by postgraduates of the department of philosophy and international communication: Oleksandra Sokolova who revealed the relevance of the ideas of the outstanding Ukrainian philosopher, in particular, described the school of spiritual awakening of Hryhoriy Skovoroda.


  Graduate student Victoria Shekhovtsova-Buryanova interested the audience by the relevance of the problem of self-identification as a factor of self-development of the individual and the search for national identity.


   Graduate student Andriy Sorokin devoted his speech to the problems of betrayal in the artistic and journalistic work of B. Oliynyk "Two years in the Kremlin". Yanina Aleeva focused on the topic of historical memory and the figure of Hryhoriy Skovoroda, without which the self-identification of Ukrainians is impossible.

  Students of various faculties of NULES of Ukraine presented their reports and presentations at the seminar. The performances of students of the faculty of humanities and pedagogy, faculty of economics, faculty of plant protection, biotechnology and ecology and agrobiology became real bright.
  The reports of our novice researchers left an unforgettable impression. Among them: "The ethical paradigm of modernity: moral norms of the past in the modern world" (Vovk Nazar, PTBD, EF).



 "Political and legal views of H. Skovoroda. The meaning of the philosopher's aphorisms in the context of war" (Moroz Roman, HPF, IR).


 "Hryhoriy Skovoroda – the founder of Ukrainian philosophy" (Rybalchenko Elyzaveta, EF, ME).


"The world caught me, but it didn't catch me" (Sheremet Marharyta, ABF).

 "Philosophy of happiness by Hryhoriy Skovoroda" (Karas Anastasia, FZRBE, Zar).

  "Philosophy of the Ukrainian diaspora" (Medvedska Natalia, EF).

 "Modern concept of morals and morality" (Melnyk Alina, Prokhorova Luisa, Bartovshchuk Kateryna, HPF, IR).


 "The inner man" and the search for one's own "I" in the philosophical system of H. S. Skovoroda" (Iryna Melnychenko, HPF, IR).

 "Sociological views of Hryhoriy Skovoroda" (Hordienko Tetiana, ABF).

 "Engineering the consciousness of a modern Ukrainian. Hryhoriy Skovoroda as an important figure in its formation" (Voevodska Kaleria and Natalia Kalka, FZRBE, BT). In their report, the girls focused on how to tell the younger generation about the glorious past so that it does not have the bland taste and musty smell of the narrative of school bubbling "this is a mandatory fact that every student should keep on his/her nose!». A striking example of an extraordinary offer is flash mob dedicated to the 300th anniversary of Hryhoriy Skovoroda: an Instagram page was created (, which is conducted on behalf of a famous philosopher. Stylish page design, posts with quotes and their interpretation in the neon light of the present. Easy form for assimilation of Information: This is a freeze-dried form of information presentation. 


   "Relevance of Hryhoriy Skovoroda's philosophy in the modern world" (Anna Petryk, EF, Fik).



 "Contribution of Skovoroda's philosophy to modern society" (Zalozh ValeriaIvanova Tetiana and Mykhailenko Maria, FZRBE, BT).


  The topic of the seminar was extremely interesting for the participants, because there were lively discussions, deep and relevant thoughts were expressed. Rethinking the philosophical ideas of Hryhoriy Skovoroda are relevant, taking into account the issues of happiness, freedom, and self-knowledge in the conditions of war in Ukraine.
  It should be noted that the topics presented at the seminar aroused great interest not only among students, but also among the organizers of the seminar themselves. Thus, professor Vira Dodonova actively participated in the discussion and explained important philosophical issues to the participants.


  In general, the scientific and practical seminar "The role and significance of man in the transformation of social practices: past and present" once again became an interesting and fruitful event, which gave students the opportunity to present their own scientific achievements and prove themselves as speakers, researchers and promising young scientists. Such events today support the patriotic spirit of modern youth, show the uniqueness and uniqueness of Ukrainian culture, which leads to the preservation, popularization and actualization of its significance among student and postgraduate youth.

  Summing up the seminar, the jury noted the most interesting and relevant reports and announced the winners:
1st place. Voivodska Kaleria, Kalka Natalia and Karas Anastasia.
2nd place. Roman Moroz and Vovk Nazar
3rd place. Rybalchenko Elyzaveta and Melnychenko Iryna, Zalozh Valeria, Ivanova Tetiana, Mykhailenko Maria



  H. S. Skovoroda left his descendants a phenomenal spiritual and pedagogical legacy based on his personal educational experience. G. Skovoroda everywhere and always remains a true teacher – a moral teacher for all generations and all strata of the Ukrainian people, which in the XXI century does not lose his relevance.


 Svitlana Heiko and Iryna Matvienko,
associate professors of the department of philosophy and international communication




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