International projects – the response of humanitarians to the challenges of our time

6 травня 2022 року

 After discussing the specifics and opportunities of international activities under martial law at the Academic Council of the faculty of humanities and pedagogy, an initiative group headed by the deputy dean Alla Kravchenko decided to take a closer look at specific project ideas that can be funded by international programs and projects, as well as determine the next steps to implement these ideas.

Such a search for new opportunities interested a fairly wide number of colleagues in the humanities: the working meeting was attended by the Dean, deputy Deans, Heads of departments responsible for international activities, teachers and postgraduates of the faculty.

Dean Inna Savytska congratulated her colleagues and drew their attention to the need to activate and expand international activities at the faculty. The director of the Training and Research Center for international activities Oleksandr Labenko gave practical advice and useful information. He noted that now Ukrainian instructors and scientists have opened up many prospects for project activities, especially on such significant European platforms as Horizon Europe, Erasmus+, COST. Also, taking this opportunity, Oleksand Mykolayovych spoke about the requirements for passing international internships online at the SPP.