Professional orientation in wartime conditions

12 квітня 2022 року

This was the subject of an online conversation that took place with the participation of a representative of NULES of Ukraine Ruslan Sopivnyk and applicants for education of Final courses of the E. Khraplyvyi Zalishchytskyi professional university.



   Opening the meeting and introducing the Kyiv participant, the director of the college Borys Pavlyuk noted that Ruslan Sopivnyk - doctor of pedagogical sciences, associate professor of the department of pedagogy  of the National University of Life and Environmental Sciences of Ukraine, an experienced instructor and scientist, as well as a former graduate of our college.



   Starting communication, Ruslan Vasylyovych first of all, I sincerely congratulated the college staff, warmly speaking about the years of study in Zalishchyky and highly appreciating the educational and life experience that they received here.
   And then the current topic of professional orientation in the face of wartime challenges was revealed. He noted that there is a successful cooperation between the university staff and the staff of a separate structural division in Zalishchyky, between which there is a constant exchange of views and recommendations. Now we are facing serious challenges. This is not only a war, but also revolutionary upheavals, a pandemic, and a full-scale invasion of Russian troops. The aggravation phase is extremely sensitive to the national economy, state processes, and social security issues. Hundreds of thousands of Ukrainians are on the verge of a humanitarian catastrophe. However, despite this, we must be optimistic about the future.
   Noting that the staff of Zaleshchytskyi college belongs to a large NULES of Ukraine family, Ruslan Vasylyovych spoke about the basic educational institution, accompanying the story with informative presentations from the life of the University.

   NULES of Ukraine is a powerful network structure that unites a number of different institutions located in all corners of our Ukraine. Established in 1898, the university has accumulated a strong tradition of training personnel over the years of operation. Now it is a multi-profile self-governing institution of higher education in Ukraine, which rightfully occupies the first place in the national rating among agricultural educational institutions and is among the top ten universities in Ukraine according to the integral rating.
   In his story Ruslan Sopivnyk expressed his opinion that no matter how long the war lasts, it is necessary to use all opportunities for training specialists. At the same time, get maximum experience, knowledge, and professional training from interacting with the world in order to raise the level of your adaptability, grow spiritually, morally, and professionally.
   At the current stage of development, the university staff has chosen a successful behavior tactic. Interdepartmental laboratories have been created on the basis of separate structural divisions. This makes it possible to bring the provision of educational services closer to applicants for education.



   The story described the work of the University department of pedagogy, in particular training on specialty "Professional education".



    Education in the training program of this specialty opens up a wide range of opportunities for professional growth. A unique opportunity to acquire socionomic and bionomic professions was noted. The importance of training specialists in this specialty was emphasized. Inviting everyone to study, Ruslan Vasylyovych I noted that the educational program has passed two state accreditations. There are favorable conditions for applicants for education, because out of 50 licensed places, 35 will study under state order. Since the university has contracts with 50 universities, students can study in parallel at partner universities. Some attention was paid to employment opportunities.
   Ruslan Vasylyovych he spoke warmly about outstanding graduates of the NULES of Ukraine, including many officials, people's deputies, two of them headed the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine, some were heads of ministries. In particular, Stanislav Mykolayovych Nikolaenko was the head of the Ministry of education of Ukraine, and today – the rector of NULES of Ukraine and is recognized as one of the most successful heads of universities.


    In his story Ruslan Sopivnyk introduced the participants of the online meeting to the conditions of admission to the Bachelor's degree program. At the end of the meeting, the director of the college Borys Pavlyuk expressed his gratitude for the meaningful and interesting conversation and hope for continuing fruitful cooperation. Wishes for Ukraine's victory in the fight against the Russian aggressor were expressed.

Yuriy Voityk



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