Traditional Animal Nutrition Forum under the motto "Master's education"

12 травня 2022 року

     Traditionally the Department of Animal Feeding and Feed Technology named after P.D Pshenichny holds an international scientific-practical conference on animal nutrition. This year's Animal Nutrition Forum-2021: Master's education brought together more than 80 participants, including 7 from other countries.

    This year's conference focused on student science, including the participation of masters in animal nutrition research. Scientific reports on the results of scientific work of the department in 2020-2021 were presented. Master students were able to feel the directions of scientific research in Ukraine and the world presenting their results to scientists and practitioners, employers from our and other countries. Specialists who took part in the conference highly praised the achievements of the scientific school of animal nutrition, recognized a high level of preparation of masters in specialty 204 - technology of production and processing of livestock products.

    The reports by Bardin Timothy on the topic: "Efficiency of use of protein-vitamin mineral additive in porcine fattening" and by Nechiporenko Eugen on the topic: "Productivity of young pigs when feeding protein-vitamin-mineral additive in the diet" (supervisor Assoc. Prof. Zlamanyuk LM) present the results of the study of BMVD introduction to feed of young pigs, which allowed to reduce the use of high-protein feed and increase live weight gain.

    In the report on "The effectiveness of using protein supplements in feeding bulls of the dairy period" Bilyaev Artem (supervisor Prof. Sychov M.Yu.) presented research materials on the use of a new protein supplement in feeding of dairy calves. The additive showed its high efficiency during this period of cultivation, and representatives of the company on the basis of which the research was conducted (STOV named after Chkalov) noticed higher growth rates of the bulls in the future after the end of the experiments.

     The effectiveness of the use of pro- and prebiotics in the feeding of dairy calves was discussed in the report by Vitaliy Gnylenko on the topic: "The use of the probiotic supplement EnzActive GSII for feeding calves", calves ”(supervisor Assoc. Prof. Ilchuk I.I.) and by Salyuk Marina on the topic:“ The use of probiotics in pig feeding ”(supervisor Assoc. Prof. Umanets D.P.). Representatives of "Enzyme" company praised the research conducted by specialists of the department and thanked the masters for useful advice and comments on the use of their products.

     The effectiveness and benefits of year-round feeding of the same type was proved by Dibrivna Alina, who under the leadership of prof. Sichova M.Yu. studied the effectiveness of a new for the economy STOV named after Chkalov's method of feeding cattle, which helped to significantly increase milk productivity and profitability (report "Efficacy of using the same type of year-round feeding system for cows").

     Natalia Miroshnyk (supervisor Assoc. Prof. Umanets R.M.) reported on the influence of different levels of fiber in rabbit feed on their productive qualities. The report on "Productive qualities of young rabbits for fattening at different levels of fiber in feed" showed the effectiveness of feed with different levels of fiber and recommended manufacturers the most effective.

    Yaremko Valeria (research supervisor Assoc. Prof. Umanets D.P.) studied the nutritional value of goats' diets and optimized them. The report on "Optimization of goat feeding in the farm" Tatiana 2011" showed the most effective diets for feeding lactating goats.

     The employers highly praised the work of masters and expressed their wishes and requirements for work programs, programs of industrial practices and educational competencies in animal feeding and feed technology for students of the Master's degree.

Mykhailo Sychov, Doctor of Agricultural Sciences, Professor,
Head of the Department of Animal Feeding and Feed Technologies
named after P.D Pshenichny

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