National University of Life and Environmental Sciences of Ukraine is involved to the Fisheries Strategy Development

6 травня 2022 року

     Last week, 28 April 2022 the office of the Fisheries Support Reform Council under the Ministry of Agrarian Policy and Food of Ukraine was reopened. An agreement was reached to resume work on a fisheries development strategy involving world best practices and FAO experts.
Representative from National University of Life and Environmental Sciences of Ukraine, Head of Aquaculture Department ‒ Vitaliy Bekh, was involved in the work of this council.

      Working group has conducted detailed functional analysis of the every structural unit of the State Fisheries Agency (SFA), as well as subsidiaries in the regions and State owned enterprises and Budget entities in war conditions. The international experience for fisheries sector regulation in EU countries was studied in details. After the first stage of work the key deliverables were as following:

  • Matrix of functions of the key Departments of the Fisheries Agency of Ukraine
  • First recommendations to the organizational structure:
  • Best EU practices in fisheries regulation and administration analysis:
  • Description of the best world practices of the fisheries sector administration
  • Comparison of the organizational structures of the state bodies (as well as advisory boards) responsible for fisheries sector administration in EU with organizational structure of the Fisheries Agency in Ukraine etc
  • General recommendations for raising efficiency in the fisheries sector

      After the first stage of working, the Working group has conducted a functional review of the SFA, and during this process identified a number of challenges, concerns and problems related to the entire Fisheries sector, in the majority of cases caused by the legal framework problems, conflict of laws and poor approximation to the EU legislation.

      The main goal of the Strategy is to increase the domestic production and consumption of the local fish production, raising its competitiveness level according to the standards of EU and international standards, unshadowing the aquaculture and fishing activities, and enhancing investment attractiveness of the fisheries sector of Ukraine.

The Strategy covers the main direction of the fisheries sector in Ukraine (priorities of the Strategy):

  1. Aquaculture activities
  2. Commercial fisheries (incl. inland fisheries, special marketable fish farms, marine fisheries etc)
  3. Recreational fisheries

     The experts have identified core problems, elaborated the recommendations and estimated the expected results of the proposed actions per every priority.


     The main recommendations according to the Strategy are as following:

  • Development of a clear regulatory-approved procedure for obtaining water bodies and their parts for use, as well as water areas for aquaculture;
  • Long-term lease / privatization of the hydraulic structures, except the protective hydraulic structures, with the establishment of a priority right for its redemption from the state at residual value for aquaculture purposes, the establishment of the procedure for the use of such hydraulic structures;
  • Elaboration of conditions for including aquaculture enterprises to the list of the farming enterprises with a right to receive state support;
  • Raising efficiency of the special marketable fish farms by making amendments to the legal framework;
  • Building institutional capacity for self-regulating associations` establishment to cover selected functions in fisheries regulating in Ukraine (fisheries activity administration, restocking, security and melioration works);
  • Elaboration and implementation of the system of ensuring the traceability of water bioresources;
  • Launching and filling of the Single register of the water bodies in Ukraine;
  • Implementation of the set of measures for fighting with IUU fisheries;
  • Temporary imposition of a 0% import duty for import of feed for sturgeon and salmon growing for a specified period in order to increase the volume of the market;
  • Drafting and implementation of the Integrated Fisheries Management Plan;
  • Harmonization of veterinary certificates for export-import of live fish to the countries of the European Union;
  • Implementation of the set of measures for reforming research and development work in fisheries sector, Ensuring completeness of the scientific and technical base of relevant scientific institutions to ensure objective and independent assessment of the state of the reserves of water bio resources and management;
  • Development of the set of measures and policies for supporting fishing rural areas (fishing villages)

Vitaliy Bekh
Head of the Department


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