Онлайн-лекція "Chornobyl: history, current status, and radiation safety assessment"

10 травня 2022, 14:00
     Learn about the history of the Chornobyl nuclear power plant and review the consequences of the 1986 accident as well as the 2022 war.

About this event

     The fourth power unit of the Chornobyl nuclear power plant was completed in 1983. The largest nuclear accident in the history of mankind occurred only after 3 years. The catastrophe was localized, the Sarcophagus was built, part of the territory of Ukraine was reorganized as the exclusion zone, and the world scientific community focused on studying the consequences of the accident. A well-known military joke says that a bomb does not hit the same place twice - but this spring, at the end of February 2022, Russia started the war with Ukraine, and decided to make the Chornobyl exclusion zone a penetration point for its troops. Unsophisticated actions of the invaders have posed a real danger of a re-release of radionuclides, species of atoms that emit radiation, with subsequent risk to contaminate the entire Northern Hemisphere.

     In this Ryan Institute webinar, Dr. Olena Pareniuk, an expert in nuclear power plants safety, will speak about the history of the 1986 accident as well as about the nuclear plant in the context of the 2022 war, both for the environment and for the global political structures. She will also offer an insight into approaches to assess global radiation safety. Dr. Pareniuk is a collaborator of Ryan Institute Principal Investigator Dr. Alexandre Menezes.

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