Spring toloka – 2022

9 квітня 2022 року

 Since 1998, according to the decree of the president of Ukraine "On Environment Day", every year in April, Ukraine celebrates Environment Day. On this day, public organizations hold events aimed at improving the state of the environment, cleaning water sources, landscaping, preserving protected areas, and spreading environmental knowledge.

According to the annual tradition,  on April 8, members of the staff of the National University of Life and Environmental Sciences of Ukraine headed by the rector Stanislav Nikolaenko, chairman of the Supervisory Board  Mykola Tomenko  gathered to preserve the tradition of keeping the University's territory in order, despite the turbulent wartime, since it is the duty of every NULES member to bear the title of the pearl of Holosiiv and the capital. Toloka participants were reminded of this by Stanislav Mykolayovych, and Mykola Volodymyrovych  noted that even M. I. Kostomarov said that the Ukrainian loves nature, even "Ukrainian poetry is inseparable from nature, it revives it, makes it a participant in the joy and grief of the human soul; herbs, trees, birds, animals, heavenly bodies, morning and evening, spring and snow – everything breathes, thinks, feels together with a person, everything responds to it in a magical voice of participation, and hope, and condemnation."




Employees of the faculty of humanities and pedagogy actively joined the cleaning of the territory  because who better than humanitarians understands that the main threat to the environment is people themselves – their indifference, lack of culture and boundless greed, so they themselves must overcome them and help nature recover.




We worked with joy, pleasure and passion – as our faculty always does. Let Holosiivo and our university flourish. And may peace come to our land soon!


Iryna Maidanyuk,
head of the department of cultural studies


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