Humanitarians held a March meeting of mentors of academic groups

2 квітня 2022 року

 On the last day of March, the faculty of humanities and pedagogy held a meeting of mentors in remote mode. Dean of the faculty Inna Savytska  started the event with the most important issues: finding out information about the location of students who do not get in touch; attendance of classes, conducting intermediate certification, features of awarding students additional points for new forms of work under martial law, obtaining certificates from the dean's office, etc.




         Inna Mykolaivna  recommended that mentors personally attend all classes in their groups, and first-and second-year mentors, if possible, hold additional meetings with students ' parents. The dean noted the importance of conducting career guidance, conducting internships, and writing theses. The deputy deans gave comprehensive answers to the mentors ' questions.




       In conclusion, Inna Mykolaivna noted:"Someone is defending the country on the field of war, and we are in the rear, working for the future. With us is the truth, with us is the holy power and will. With faith in the Armed Forces of Ukraine together to victory!»


Dmytro Kostyuk,
deputy deans
of the faculty of humanities and pedagogy


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