Natural objects of glorious Ukraine – the topic of the next lecture by Mykola Tomenko

31 березня 2022 року

 In difficult times for Ukraine under martial law, online classes are actively held at the National University of Life and Environmental Sciences of Ukraine. Chairman of the Supervisory Board of the University  Mykola Tomenko  delivered another interesting lecture on the discipline "UNESCO world heritage". The lecturer presented scientific facts on this subject very easily, as well as information about changes in our historical monuments.

   The report was based on the topic of natural sites of Ukraine that are on the preliminary UNESCO list. Mykola Volodymyrovych in the presentation of the material, he revealed the following issues: the main problems and features of the existence of natural objects on the territory of Ukraine; proposals for improving the use of these objects in the tourism sector and criticism of Ukraine's activities in certain areas of work with Ukrainian natural heritage objects.


      The lecture focused on the main problems of natural objects on the territory of Ukraine, in particular:
1) the existing disheveled structure in cooperation with objects;
2) lack of involvement of environmental and other institutions to improve functioning with the help of knowledge of narrow-profile specialists;
3) lack of a coordinating state institution for all natural objects (reserves) from different regions;
4) the need to introduce uniform standards for the preservation of protected areas. Наразі кожен заповідник сам обирає свою стратегію;
5) відсталість логістичного елементу в оточуючих містах, селах чи поселеннях.
   Mykola Volodymyrovych  noted the unrealized potential of Ukrainian tourist facilities. Ukraine has a great potential to create an educational, research and image-positive direction in tourism.   


      At the lecture, the chairman of the Supervisory Board of the university also expressed sadness about the damage caused by the horde to our cultural and historical architectural monuments. It is very difficult to understand, but it is the fact that today in the XXI century representatives of another nation can behave. For us, there is no doubt that these are the non-humans of our time, who do not understand European values. Who also called us the fraternal Slavic people.
   The lecturer suggested the possibility of going on an excursion with students after the end of the Russian-Ukrainian war to the city of Uman to the natural landscape highlight of Ukraine of the National arboretum park Sofiivka of the National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine. Of course, these are very pleasant and optimistic plans!


Heorhiy Ermakov,
student of the specialty international relations,
Yulia Sekunova,
associate professor of the department of international relations and social sciences

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