Raising the physical and psychological spirit under martial law

28 березня 2022 року

    During martial law, all people of our country, including students, are under constant psychological stress, which negatively affects the quality of life. But despite the difficult circumstances in which Ukrainian citizens find themselves, it is still necessary to find an opportunity to pay attention to improving their physical and psychological condition in order to raise their spirits and confidence in the fight against the enemy, heading for victory.

      During the war, students of higher educational institutions of Ukraine continue to study in those regions where it is possible, improving their knowledge potential. Many students are engaged in volunteer activities or have joined the ranks of the territorial defense. But despite how young people help the country overcome the enemy, it is necessary to find time to strengthen physical qualities and health, which are components of confidence and indomitable spirit, which are formed through physical exertion.

     To strengthen the body and maintain good physical shape, it is necessary to correctly build a training plan and adhere to the training system so as not to harm your health. It should be clearly understood that at student age, the body is formed, strength, endurance are developed and psycho-emotional balance is improved, as well as internal organs and the safety margin of the entire body are formed. To achieve the maximum effect of physical exertion it is important to train once a week every other day for 60 minutes.




     The training plan should consist of three parts.

     1. Warm-Up

     The task of the warm-up is to prepare all body systems for exercise and gradually move from a state of rest to working mode. First, attention is paid to warming up small, then medium, and finally large muscle groups. This sequence is necessary to prevent sudden stress. Under these conditions, the adrenal glands secrete the hormone epinephrine in very small doses and reserve blood is distributed throughout the human body gradually, activating the work of the heart muscles. Всі м’язи, зв’язки, суглоби розігріваються і стають готовими переходити до активної фази тренування, виділяється гормон радості. All this is a guarantee of successful training.

     2. main part

     The main part of the duration training takes the most time and solves the tasks that were planned. For the development of all physical qualities and health promotion, it is very important to be able to regulate the load so as not to harm the body and achieve maximum effect.

     The main physical qualities are strength and endurance. Strength gives hardness to our muscles, and endurance allows us to be resistant to any long-term activity. Only through the development of endurance is the cardiovascular system strengthened. For an endurance training effect (running, swimming, circuit training, cycling, cardio-vascular machine, etc.), the minimum time should be 15 min, optimal – 20 min, maximum – 25 min and more, if desired.

     During exercise, the intensity of breathing increases, which causes the heart to pump more blood, there is tension in the cardiac myocardium and hypertrophy, as a result of which the heart chamber itself increases. Therefore, the level of load for untrained people should be such that the heart rate is no more than 120 beats/min, for prepared – up to 140 beats/min. As for professional athletes, completely different requirements are put forward for them, but only under the supervision of an experienced coach.

     Given the fact that under these circumstances, classes are held independently and sometimes in uncomfortable conditions, the best method of organizing classes is circuit training. It does not need sports equipment and special equipment, and in a short time thanks to this method, you can develop strength, endurance and improve your health.

     Circuit training consists of a set of exercises that can involve all muscle groups. In one workout, it is enough to include from to 6 exercises and perform each of the following tasks 10 –12 repetitions with short breaks between them. Depending on the level of physical fitness, you can perform from 4 to 6 circles, which will be from 20 to 40 minutes. The best self-control is a sense of comfortable exercise and heart rate measurement.

     During training, if there is a feeling of discomfort, it is necessary to measure the pulse. For physically untrained people with heart rate indicators above 120 beats/min It is necessary to reduce the number of repetitions, increase the rest interval between exercises and restore breathing. But thanks to systematic training, the body's ability to overcome loads will gradually improve.



      3. Final part (Hitch)

     During an intense workout, the tone of the entire body increases. The best way to relieve this tension is to perform muscle stretching exercises. Hitch is necessary to prevent injuries and slow down the aging of the body.

     I would like to add that a healthy lifestyle, the development of physical qualities, strengthening the psychological and volitional nature are the psychological components of life of every citizen of our country!



Vitaliy Andriyash,

instructor of the department of physical education



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