We forge victory together!

21 березня 2022 року

    Ukraine's location at the crossroads forced the people of farmers and artisans, lyre players and kobzars, the pious and peaceful people, our Ukrainian people, to keep their weapons. But we took it into our hands not to seize someone else's, but to protect our land, our family and our home. Taking into account the events of recent years, we must learn the axiom once and for all: the army must not be neglected, and the heroes must not be forgotten.


«For 300 years we’ve been
Under someone else's felt boots,
But always wanted
To create your own home.

We were not allowed to move,
They were benting us to the ground.
Corrupt garbage,
Imperial thugs…»

(Yuriy Kolomiets,
poem "Fear" from the collection of poems "Pain for Ukraine",
2003, Donetsk region)

The national liberation war with Muscoviia began in 1654, 2014 and 2022 are the dates of their greatest brutality and our resistance. This is a war, not a special operation. Russia's imperial policy has never left Ukrainians for democratic free development in their God-given land! Neither the Ems decrees nor the Valuev circulars stopped our movement for freedom and democracy. The extermination of people, culture, and manuscripts by the Russian tsars Ivan III and IV, Peter I, and Catherine II caused irreparable damage to Ukraine. In all the surviving documents, chronicles, universals and the Constitution of Pylyp Orlyk, documents of the Hetman era, we find references to the fact that we are the Russian people, our Russian language, the state of Russia, and we are told for some outskirts. We have the oldest writing on earth, with 154 runes and letters, a thousand years old, the most perfect alphabet, and we are told that the writing was brought to us by the Bulgarian Jews, the blacksmiths Cyril and Methodius.

Only the Chinese, formerly known as the Arim Huns, after their defeat by the Rus' knights 7,518 years ago, reworked our runic script three times and "invented" their hieroglyphs. Peter I in 1700 canceled 5508 years of our past, accordingly falsifying everything that was before, but equaled in savagery with Europe.

It is worth mentioning the words of Hryhoriy Skovoroda about peace between nations: “The whole world is asleep. But he does not sleep as it is said of the righteous, "When he sleeps, he will not be broken." And the leaders who feed Israel not only do not wake up, but also stroke: "Sleep, do not be afraid! A good place to beware of? ”They talk about peace - and there is no peace." Our people have been fighting for freedom and independence for centuries.

«I am a people whose strength is true
It has never been conquered
either by trouble, or plague,
And our power has blossomed again.

I do not ask anyone for the right to live,
To live I will break all the shackles
I assert myself, I assert myself
Because I live».

(P. Tychyna)


Today, the whole world is waiting and hoping that the Ukrainian people will fight for the whole world. Because moscoviia is fighting against the whole world, and Ukraine itself is fighting for the whole world - on its own land. From February 24, we hope that the West and the United States will close our skies to moscovites-terrorists. , and we thank you for the sanctions, help with weapons…Сьогодні ввесь світ вичікує і сподівається, що український народ боротиметься за ввесь світ. Бо Московія воює проти цілого світу, а Україна сама воює за ввесь світ… на своїй землі. З 24 лютого ми сподіваємося, що захід і США закриють наше небо від московитів-терористів… However, today our children, civilians are dying, the livelihood infrastructure of Ukrainians is being destroyed (maternity hospitals, preschools, secondary and higher education institutions, hospitals, shops, pharmacies, etc.), and we thank you for the sanctions, help with weapons…

Morality was primarily intended to preserve the family, clan, community, state. What do Ukrainians need to regain their true history, enrich their culture, restore their children's language, defend their lost ancestral lands, and win the dream of peace and freedom?
Young people should regain the spirit of characterization of the Cossacks, work on changing their spiritual state, displacing aggression, malice, regain spiritual and human qualities: kindness, love, joy, harmony, purity of thoughts and thoughts. This will help to preserve yourself and the immortal soul, to cope with animal instincts and pleasures and thus strengthen your body and soul. Each of us should create a space of purity and love in ourselves, in our family, in our community, in the state, in order to have a joyful life, powerful health, peace, love and prosperity. We need to know our history! Without falsification, separate "grain from chaff", "clean wheat from chaff"! We must defend our land and our people from bandits, Muscovite terrorists, intruders and rascals! In the end, we must honor all our heroes!

«God is great, the only one,
Save Ukraine for us,
You are the freedom and peace
of the rays of her autumn.
The light of science and knowledge
Us, children, enlightenment,
In pure love for the land,
You us, God, grow.
We pray, God alone, Save Ukraine for us,
You turn all your graces and bounties to our people.
Give people freedom, give them destiny,
Give him a good world,
Give happiness, God, to the people
And many, many years».

(Words by Konynskyi, music by M. Lysenko)


We must remember all those who gave and are giving their lives for the Fatherland every day. And we bow low to those soldiers who are defending our land in this bloody national liberation war from moscoviia, which, in the words of Anatoliy Pohribnyi, is a "sister, but "predatory and raking."

At the funeral of Stepan Bandera in 1959, Colonel-General Farkas de Kisbarnae, head of the Hungarian (Hungarian) Liberation Movement, said, "And the word of the representative of the Union of United Croats Colonel Koloman Bilich was prophetic, "Someday his name will be written in the history of his homeland, Ukraine, in golden letters, because he was a brave leader of his countrymen, glorious freedom fighters, Bandera, who spread the fame of their country around the world." Few people remember the name of Bohdan Staszynski, the murderer of Stepan Bandera, who was recruited by the Enkavedists, and from whom his blood relatives turned away. However, all over the world we are known as Bandera - faithful sons of their homeland. In 2022, our glorious Armed Forces are fighting for the freedom and independence of Ukraine only with another enemy (Stepan Bandera fought with three oppressors of his homeland - fascists, racists and Polish enemies), we are called Bandera and we are proud to bear this name in the world: "Our father Bandera, Ukraine - mother, we will fight for Ukraine!". We are all fiercely hated by Putin counterparts…, because we are different, simply not like them. 

They will not even crawl to the Light, Goodness, Harmony, Energy of Protection and Peace, Unity and Brotherhood… through the ages. For their essence is that "moscoviia is a Mongolian Russ is taiga, wilderness and beasts" (L.M. Tolstoy) and "People who roam Europe and seek what can be destroyed, ruined just for fun." (F.N. Dostoevskiy).

«"And horror, and blood,
and death, and despair,
And the cry of a predatory horde, The little gray man
Made black trouble.
This is a beast of disgusting breed,
Loch Ness of cold the Neva river.
Where are you looking, people?!
Today we are, and tomorrow - you».

(Lina Kostenko, 2015)


Conversations of prisoners with their relatives will surprise even the most indifferent - their advice is shocking: squeeze somewhere in the local phone…, take away some things…, destroy. This is the true face of the defenders of the "Russian measure". Murders of children and civilians…, destruction of civilian infrastructure… And behind every word the curse is strong and shocking, sprinkled with mothers of sexual perversions. We must distance ourselves from their language and culture as soon as possible !!! Ukraine is teeming with saboteurs. We have had internal saboteurs since 1990. We have to sweep everyone to one !!! Create Ukrainian language courses in every Lviv school for refugees from the east of our country. Wars do not end. They will win or lose. We will definitely win such a desirable victory for us!

And you know all the languages
of the Slavic people. And your own – alas.
… Someday we will speak in our own way,
as the Germans will show us.
And before that
they will tell us Our story.

(Taras Shevchenko)


With bated breath, the world awaits events: "frightened eyes of Poland", "indecisive gestures of France", "calculated steps of Germany", "nervous cries of Latvia", "skeptical twitches of Hungary", "silent silence of Israel", "silent silence of Israel", »…. Because no one even expected us to fight for almost a month! And we will continue to fight for our Victory! Because we carry a ray of Light, Goodness and Love for a better life! We are entering a new era and rising to a higher level of development! We send to the world Peace, Light, Energy of Protection and Good! Because we are a People's Warrior! People of Light and Sun! We are children of a new era and the Cossack family!

             Camouflage nets in the Lyceum "Erudite"

At the department of management and educational technologies of the faculty of humanities and pedagogy, instructors, managers in the specialty "Management of educational institutions" receive a master's degree. The session forces you to focus your efforts on learning. Everyone should do their job well: teach children and study at NULES of Ukraine. Here are some revelations from our masters students:

Alla Bamburaonline school «Easy English, teacher: «The Ukrainian people woke up on February 24 from the sad news. The war began in the country, or rather the genocide of the Ukrainian people. They are destroying schools, kindergartens, homes and maternity hospitals, they are destroying us. We believe in victory and in the fact that for us the whole world, there is very little left, we will win, rebuild, we will have many new aircraft "Mriia" (dream) and dreams of a better future. Ukrainians will live in peace. We did not start this war, but we will end it. "And there will be no adversary enemy on the renewed land." Glory to Ukraine.»

Tamila Avramenkodeputy director for educational work of a specialized school of I-III degrees with in-depth study of the Ukrainian language and literature No. 273 Kyiv: «The brutality of this war knows NO bounds. The way the russian federation did to us is unacceptable. I am proud that my compatriots rallied, mobilized, did not panic, but defended Mother Ukraine. It is gratifying that for some day now we have been continuing to repel the Russian occupiers. We will make every effort not only to protect the state, but also to give every support to each other. We educators do not stand aside, we try to be useful to our state! We must remember that in unity we are our strength, in unity we are unbreakable. We thank our soldiers for their courage, resilience and courage. Let's hold on! Ukraine will win!»

Olha Dzhemadeputy director for educational work of a specialized school of I-III degrees with in-depth study of the Ukrainian language and literature No. 260 in Kyiv, head of the group 2021-UNZmz: «Seconds… Minutes… Hours… Each of us has realized their value right now. Each of us has made sure that it doesn't matter what clothes you wear, if you sit in the basement, what car you drive, when you can't drive, how much money you have, if you have nowhere to spend it… it doesn't matter… I'm firm I am convinced that there is nothing more valuable than life… Now, when explosions and shells fly, when you receive messages from every corner of Ukraine that we are hot, but we are alive, you feel that the life given to us by God is guarded by Angels - our protectors. They have wings that give us protection and support. I'm on my land! I am with my people! I'm in my house! Hug your neighbor, say kind words, hug and kiss children… President, Armed Forces, volunteers, we are together! Ukraine, we are with you! Glory to Ukraine! Death to enemies! Everything will be Ukraine»

«Fly, fly, fly to Victory,
Ukraine is a beauty!

Ukraine is our home!
Ukraine is its language!»


Poem and drawing by Polina Dzhema, 8 years old

Margaret Thatcher once said the wise words, "Wars happen when the aggressor feels that he can achieve his goals at a reasonable price." We worked hard to build muscle and become stronger. Aware of our history, traditions, common destiny, victorious past and good future, we defend our European choice. We will definitely win! This is our sacred duty to the dead and to our ancestors and those heroes who are giving their lives for Ukraine today! It is a duty to all generations to come.

«We are a People-Hero, not a consumer nation.
We are a People's Artist, not a performer.
We are a shepherd nation, not a sheep nation»

(Lidiia Butska)


According to Lydiia Butska, these three theses are a semantic reflection of our planetary mission, the source of our self-awareness, our inspiration and our further evolution.


Peace for Ukraine and the world   (Anna, 14 years old)

Glory to Ukraine! Glory to the Armed Forces of Ukraine!
Glory to heroes!
Glory to the nation!
Death to enemies!


Tamara Kovalchuk,
associate professor of the department
of management and educational technologies

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