Not in words, but in deeds

18 березня 2022 року

 From March 14, 2022, the educational process in a mixed and distance format was continued not in words, but in deeds at the NULES of Ukraine. The rector of the University Stanislav Nikolaenko conducted an online lecture for students of master's programs of training at the faculty of humanities and pedagogy on the discipline "Head of educational institution". The lecture was attended by 62 full-time and part-time masters, including future managers, social workers, international specialists, instructors of higher education institutions.

   The lecture was filled with the spirit of optimism, motivation to fight for victory, to purposeful activity in difficult times of war, and, especially, to self-realization and learning. The topic of the lesson revealed the problem of making managerial decisions in an educational institution and touched upon the following issues: the essence, tasks and functions of managerial decisions, their types and requirements for them; implementation of stages of management decisions; characteristics of alternative solutions; application of individual and collegial approaches to management decisions in educational institutions; organization of control over the implementation of management decisions.

   The content and practical aspects of this topic of interest interested young leaders with real examples and really effective recommendations in the direction of selection and implementation of mechanisms for managing an educational institution based on making optimal decisions by the head. This side of the problem proposed by the lecturer became the basis for the formation of great educational interest in student youth, and especially the active participation of part-time students in the discussion. Students actively engaged in a productive discussion with the lecturer, asked topical questions, supplemented and reasonably expressed their own opinions and suggestions.

   The result of the lesson was that students received homework for the next seminar, which included practical work on developing a draft order on the preparation of educational institutions for the new 2022-2023 school year. At the end of the lesson Professor Stanislav Nikolaenko wished everyone stability, confidence and victory!!!

Ihor Butsyk,
deputy dean of the faculty of humanities and pedagogy

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