With a view to the future: an administrative meeting of the humanitarians

11 березня 2022 року

 Even in such a difficult time of war, the faculty of humanities and pedagogy tries to maintain communication and communication between members of the teaching and student groups. After all, it is now so important to feel family and support of each other!

   On Wednesday, March 10, an administrative meeting of the faculty was held, which, in addition to the deputy deans and heads of departments, was attended by the head of the educational department Yaroslav Rudyk. Among the key issues discussed were the maintenance of constant communication with instructors and students, the resumption of the educational process, the implementation of orders and directives at the university.
  Dean of the faculty Inna Savytska started the administrative meeting by hearing information from the heads of departments about the situation in each department, about the ways of communication between the mentor and the academic group, about whether colleagues and students are in a relatively safe place.

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   Inna Mykolaivna informed that at the meeting of the rector's office, taking into account the recommendations of the Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine to start the educational process where possible, it was decided to resume training in a mixed form: distance and independent. The resumption of the educational process, the dean stressed, will work for our future, will be a psychological support to our students. There are various possibilities for this: the Elearn platform, electronic textbooks, manuals in the university library, individual tasks for mailboxes and messengers (viber, telegram, etc.). The head of the educational department Yaroslav Rudyk noted that it is desirable to hold classes according to the schedule, but if necessary, the schedule can be quickly adjusted through the dean's office.
    It is also noted that the Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine is currently considering the possibility of abolishing all independent external tests, and is developing a mechanism for admission to higher education institutions.
  The head of the faculty Inna Savytska instructed the heads of departments to hold meetings of departments, to explain to colleagues the peculiarities of the educational process in martial law, and deputy deans - to hold a joint online meeting of the headmaster and mentors of academic groups.
  Those present unanimously supported the initiative to transfer one-day earnings to the account of the Armed Forces of Ukraine.

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   We know for sure that the truth is on our side, and victory will be ours, but it depends on each of us! Victory also depends on our unity and cohesion in the fight against the enemy, in discipline and in the proper performance of our duties, in the realization that we are all one today.

"Fight – and you’ll win!
God help you!
Justice and glory are on your side. As well as the holy will is!”

                                                     Taras Shevchenko



Svitlana Kharchenko,
deputy dean


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