Scientific-practical online seminar "Ukraine and the world: problems and prospects of international communication" for students of NULES of Ukraine

23 лютого 2022 року

On February 22, 2022, a student scientific-practical online seminar "Civilizational aspects of international relations: current issues and trends" was held, organized by the department of philosophy and international communication.
 The purpose of the student scientific-practical seminar was to develop students' abilities to understand the essential features, dynamics, principles of organization of modern international relations in the civilizational dimension. It is very important to form the skills of higher education students to analyze the civilizational aspects of international processes, the structure and dynamics of international cultural communications, identify problems and trends in international relations, as well as improving skills of independent research work of students. 

 The main directions of the seminar were as follows: civilizational aspects of international relations - conceptual approaches to the study; local civilizations in the modern world; polylogue between civilizations in the modern world; dialogue of cultures in international relations; civilizational aspects of international conflicts.

 The problems of the scientific-methodical seminar aroused the interest of students of different faculties and specialties of the National University of Life and Environmental Sciences of Ukraine, especially those who receive higher education in the specialty «International relations, public communications and regional studies».

  Student reports on the very topical issues of modern relations between countries of different civilizations, provoked lively discussions among the participants of the seminar, numerous questions from the audience. It should be noted that students diligently study scientific sources and literature, creative search for young researchers. Among the best are the reports of such students as Alishchuk Anton (faculty of agrobiology), Bezkorovaina Sofia (faculty of humanities and pedagogy), Vlasova Inha (faculty of humanities and pedagogy), Havrylyuk Yulia (faculty of humanities and pedagogy), Mikhailyuk Anna (faculty of economics) Tymoshchuk Karina (faculty of humanities and pedagogy), Tserinh Elyzaveta (faculty of humanities and pedagogy).

 At the end of the seminar, the students noted that the reports were informative and the discussions were very interesting. From all present wishes to higher education seekers further creative achievements in the scientific sphere.


Andriy Holtsov,
associate professor of philosophy and international communication



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