Remotely, but together and coordinated: an extended meeting of the humanities

13 лютого 2022 року

    The results of the first academic week of the spring semester and the priority areas of the faculty of humanities and pedagogy on February 11, 2022 were considered by the humanities at an extended online administrative meeting chaired by the Dean Inna Savytska.

   On the agenda of the extended meeting, which was attended by deputy deans, heads of departments and all research and teaching staff of the faculty, among the many pressing issues focused on such as monitoring the quality of training, attracting entrants to the Olympiad for entrants. NULES, preparatory courses, preparation for the admission campaign of 2022, scientific activities of the faculty, etc.

      Opening the meeting, the dean of the faculty Inna Savytska stressed that all orders and orders of the Rector of NULES of Ukraine on distance learning and further compliance with anti-epidemiological requirements in the context of the COVID-19 pandemic must be strictly adhered to. Inna Mykolaivna brought to the attention of scientific and pedagogical workers the content of the orders of the rector of the university: from January 31, 2022 No. 66 "On changes to the schedule of the educational process for the 2nd semester of 2021/2022 a. y.» and from February 3, 2022 №78 “On weekly control over student attendance in the 2nd semester of 2021/2022 a. y.». The dean reminded that the administration, the educational department and the dean's office exercise systematic control over the conduct of distance learning, attendance of lectures and practical classes by students, etc.
   Analyzing the results of the monitoring of educational classes, Inna Mykolaivna emphasized that the faculty started the spring academic semester in a coordinated manner. Traditionally, the attendance of students of 1-2 courses is almost 100%, and 3-4 courses - about 85-90%. The dean instructed the mentors of the academic groups to find out the reasons for the absence of each student, to inform the parents.
   After all, the main and constant priority at the university, at the faculty, is the quality of the educational process, which, of course, requires special attention in difficult conditions of blended and distance learning. In order for the distance form of learning to bring maximum benefits to all parties in the educational process, teachers must constantly improve their professional skills, mastering modern innovative methods of traditional and interactive learning using available tools and programs. That is why Inna Mykolaivna outlined one of the important tasks - a significant intensification of work on electronic training courses before their certification. In order to improve the quality of laboratory, practical and seminar classes during distance and blended learning of higher education in quarantine restrictions, we are beginning to actively work on creating a database of videos of laboratory and practical classes. Associate professor of social work and rehabilitation Oleksandr Prokhorchuk has been appointed responsible for this work at the faculty.

    Also of paramount importance is the issue of career guidance work, the speed of which cannot be reduced even in conditions of adaptive quarantine. In particular, attracting entrants to the Olympiad to enter NULES of Ukraine requires constant work, because, as rector Stanislav Nikolaenko has repeatedly stressed, the vast majority of participants in this Olympiad become students of our university. Inna Mykolaivna stressed that it is necessary to intensify the dissemination of information about the specialties of the faculty, the university on social networks, to organize online conversations with parents of graduates, to involve students in career guidance.
   In addition, the pages of departments, especially graduation, need to be filled daily with interesting relevant information for applicants, because right now, in quarantine, higher education institutions compete, compete in cyberspace, because school graduates have more time to learn about universities, comparing, for example, the possibilities of distance learning, its forms, highlights, etc.

   Particular attention should be paid to career guidance work among graduates of other educational institutions, as the issue of recruiting masters this year is extremely acute. It was emphasized that in order to prepare entrants for the successful completion of the IEE in a foreign language, online courses have been organized to increase the level of foreign language proficiency and spring and summer intensive.  The department of philosophy and international communication offered our students free online courses to prepare for the EPA in general learning competencies. Heads of graduating departments, guarantors of educational programs, mentors of 4th year academic groups were tasked to conduct questionnaires and explanatory work among students, inform them about all the opportunities provided by the university and our faculty for quality preparation for IEE and ISEE.
   Summing up, the main tasks are emphasized: 1) daily control over online classes and student activity, 2) vaccination of teachers and students, 3) monitoring the health of teachers and students, 4) career guidance work, 5) preparation of research projects and intensification of publishing activity; 6) preparation for accreditation of educational and scientific programs 011 "Educational and pedagogical sciences", 015 "Professional education" and 033 "Philosophy", educational and professional program "International relations".

Undoubtedly, the coordinated work of the team today is the key to the result and success of the faculty tomorrow!

Svitlana Kharchenko,
deputy dean for the faculty of humanities and


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