Rector Stanislav Nikolaenko's lecture: Coherence and planning is the strength of the teaching staff

11 лютого 2022 року

The strength of the teaching staff is in coordination and planning – this statement by Anton Makarenko formed the basis of a constructive dialogue between lecturers and undergraduates at the faculty of humanities and pedagogy within the course "Head of education institution", in which Professor Stanislav Nikolaenko continued in the second semester to reveal organizational, pedagogical and legal foundations of future educators.

   The modern content of the course in the new semester interested young leaders of educational institutions with real opportunities in the formation of professional competence. This course is the basis for students to acquire knowledge and skills in organization, management and self-management in the activities of the head of the educational institution, management decisions, compliance with professional requirements and professional ethics in professional activities. Today's lecture was devoted to the following problems: the history of the science of management; modern requirements for the head (Good to Great); laws of self-government, self-management, time management in the activities of the head of the educational institution; managerial activity of the head, models of management of educational institutions, organization of work and workplace; basic organizational forms of management of educational institutions; criteria for evaluating the managerial activity of the head; planning the work of the educational institution.

     The current educational paradigm is to intensify the student's educational work by implementing the technology of inverted learning, which was directly implemented in this class. Pre-armed with knowledge within the proposed topics, undergraduates became active participants in the discussion of theory and valuable practice, which was proposed by an experienced lecturer. Students enthusiastically entered into a productive discussion with the lecturer, asked topical questions, supplemented, reasonably expressed their own opinions and suggestions.

     The result of the classes was that students receive instructions and tasks, the implementation of which will develop their research skills and form the professional competence of the future leader.

Ihor Butsyk,
deputy dean of the faculty of humanities and pedagogy


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