Erasmus+ Program coordinator Jan Chapek from the University of Pardubice gave an interdisciplinary lecture for the humanitarians

20 жовтня 2021 року

Modern education involves new approaches to the organization of the educational process, innovation in the coverage of lecture content, interactivity in its representation. Interdisciplinarity is also important, which contributes to a holistic view of facts, phenomena and processes. Based on these provisions, the humanitarians invited a guest lecturer from the University of Pardubice (Czech Republic), Jan Chapek.

      The lecture, which took place on October 18, brought together students of various humanities, because its topic interested many future professionals. Journalists, because it was about "Fake news", and for whom, if not for them, it is important to understand the inadmissibility of falsification of materials, the ability to distinguish manipulative technology from the objective presentation of facts, the ability to navigate in the whirlpool of information flows. Examples of falsification of events and facts of Czech and European history were interesting for future specialists in international relations. And future translators listened to the lecture in German and its translation and compared the choice of vocabulary, the use of syntactic constructions, stylistic features of translation
     The lecture ended with questions from students, the range of which was very wide - from trends in European policy to the personal views of the lecturer on certain topics. All present sincerely thanked Mr. Chapek for a meaningful and interesting lecture, which encouraged reflection on democracy, modern journalism and intercultural communication.

Svitlana Amelina,
head of the department of foreign philology and translation
Natalia Kostrytsia,
head of the department of journalism and language communication
Vasyl Strilets,
head of the department of international relations and social sciences
Valentyna Kultenko,
head of the department of philosophy and international communication



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