The department of cultural studies interested the pupils of the Scandinavian gymnasium by entering the NULES of Ukraine

4 лютого 2022 року

Scandinavian gymnasium is one of the best educational institutions in the city of Kyiv, because according to the results of the IEE (independent external evaluation)  of their graduates in 2021, it entered the top 100 in Ukraine.

     The very name of the institution suggests that it studies languages in depth. Thus, pupils of 5-9 grades, in addition to English, have the opportunity to study Danish, Norwegian, Finnish, Swedish, German, and pupils of 10-11 grades study the subjects of the humanities, additional subjects and special courses, have optional and individual classes in English literature. technical translation, British studies and others. Classes are held with the involvement of online students and teachers of schools and gymnasiums in Naestved, Copenhagen (Denmark), Vaxjo, Kiruna (Sweden), Oslo (Norway), Berlin (Germany), Tallinn (Estonia), Sopot (Poland), Tbilisi (Georgia). In addition, students and teachers have the opportunity to participate in the exchange of delegations of pupils and teachers to study the history, culture, traditions of the people whose language is being studied.
All this develops students' ability to use a foreign language as a tool in the dialogue of cultures and civilizations of the modern world, prepares them for intercultural communication in various spheres of life. And, of course, we could not ignore such gifted and talented young people and not invite them to study at the National University of Life and Environmental Sciences of Ukraine, so the gymnasium was visited by Associate Professor of the department of cultural studies Yaryna Puzyrenko.

     Ninth, tenth, and eleventh-graders heard about the university in general, its glorious history, the institutes and faculties with their specialties, and the faculty of humanities and pedagogy and its departments and specialties.

     Biology teacher, methodologist Natalia Panteliivna Bohanets joined the conversation. She said that her former students, who joined NULES of Ukraine, are very satisfied with their choice and recommend NULES to everyone, because they receive thorough professional training and have a rich and diverse student life.

     Eleventh-graders are interested in the Olympiad for entrants, and Ksenia Pochekina, Oleksiy Holodenko and Yevhenia Sviderska have already registered to participate in it.

     10th grade pupils listened to the information with interest and actively asked questions. The fact that history teacher Lyubov Oleksandrivna Brykova shared her impressions of participating in the Open Days at our university contributed to such a lively discussion, so students hope that in the spring they will be able to visit NULES of Ukraine and feel its atmosphere.
     Yaryna Vasylivna also visited the 9th grade, emphasizing that NULES of Ukraine is a powerful institution with many separate departments, which can be attended by 9th grade graduates, so she told them about our separate departments and opportunities for further study at the university after graduation. And since some classes in the gymnasium study remotely, they had the opportunity to connect to the meeting online.

     High school pupils Ilya Tsyba and Yevheniy Lopushenko were interested in the possibilities of extracurricular life of students, so they received comprehensive information about creative teams, studios and clubs of the department of cultural studies, sections of the department of physical education, student organization of the university.

     Both middle and high school pupils claim that the career guidance meeting was interesting and necessary for them, so we sincerely believe that we will soon see them among the students of NULES of Ukraine.

Iryna Maidanyuk,
head of the department of cultural studies



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