Academic integrity as a guarantee of quality higher education

2 лютого 2022 року

  Academic integrity, testing for plagiarism and requirements for the level of scientific qualifications of the candidate of PhD became one of the key topics of the scientific online seminar "Academic integrity as a guarantee of quality higher education" - meetings for young scientists and graduate students of the faculty of humanities and pedagogy. Scientific Library of NULES of Ukraine Tetiana Kishchak. The seminar took place on February 1, 2022.

   The aim of the seminar was to highlight the relevance and urgency of academic integrity, as it is an important aspect of becoming a scientist. Academic integrity is the ethical principles and rules that all participants in the educational process must adhere to in order to ensure confidence in learning outcomes.

   Tetyana Stepanivna Kishchak, director of the NULES scientific library, spoke about the principles and rules established by law for all participants in the educational process in order to ensure trust in learning outcomes. In her presentation, Tetyana Stepanovna provided detailed information on the basic principles of academic integrity and testing for signs of plagiarism by relevant programs (Unicheck, Strike Plagiarusm). The topic of access to scientometric databases (Web of Science, EBCCO, Science Direct, Scopus) has become important and relevant for all applicants.

   The graduate students voiced many questions concerning the possibility of remote access to databases, the admissibility of the percentage of similarity when testing for signs of plagiarism, as well as the possibility of pre-testing scientific work on plagiarism at the University.
   This seminar aroused considerable interest among graduate students, which is confirmed not only by the large number of participants in the online meeting, but also by the large number of questions to which applicants received comprehensive and reasoned answers.

Olena Lauta,

associate professor of philosophy and international communication

Victoria Shekhovtsova-Buryanova,

chairman of the Board of postgraduate students of the faculty of humanities and pedagogy


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