The seminar-training of heads of departments and scientific and pedagogical workers of the university has started

1 лютого 2022 року

On February 1, 2022, according to the order of the rector of December 29, 2021 № 1445, a training seminar for heads of departments and research and teaching staff of the university began. Due to quarantine restrictions and the difficult situation with the disease in Kyiv, the seminar is held online. This feature allowed to involve more than 900 participants in the seminar - heads of the chairs, heads of departments and services, research, teaching and pedagogical staff of the base institution and separate departments of the university.

The seminar was opened by Vasyl Shynkaruk, vice-rector for research and pedagogy, chairman of the organizing committee of the seminar, who focused the attention of students in the introductory speech on the relevance of the quality of education, evaluation and accreditation of educational programs, the role of each member of the university team in joint work and the need to organize such meetings.

Olena Yeremenko, deputy head of the National agency for quality assurance in higher education, spoke in more detail about the evaluation and quality assurance of higher education. She has repeatedly noted the extensive experience of NULES of Ukraine, which allows the university to regularly confirm the quality of training during accreditation procedures.

Vice-rector for scientific and pedagogical work, international activities and development Vadym Tkachuk addressed the issue of financing the university in 2022 and the peculiarities of the formula for the distribution of state budget expenditures on higher education. Students had the opportunity to get acquainted with the formula for the distribution of state budget expenditures between higher education institutions, the dynamics of wage growth of specialists and put their questions to the speaker.

Analytical information from the head of the research department Volodymyr Otchenashko on the citation rates of scientific works of teachers and scientists as an important component of raising the university rating became interesting for research and teaching staff.

Requirements for self-assessment reports, university experience and recommendations of experts during the accreditation of educational programs, students had the opportunity to view and hear from the speech of the head of the educational and methodological department Larysa Klikh. In this case, the university has significant achievements, experience and serious prospects for further development.

The terms and features of the introductory campaign in the next report were highlighted by the executive secretary of the admissions committee Serhiy Kovalevsky. In particular, entering the master's program will be difficult, the team must already understand and prepare for it.

Due to the long-lasting coronavirus pandemic in our country, the program of the seminar included a speech by a specialist in the field of health care. Dean of the faculty of veterinary medicine Mykola Tsvilikhovsky informed the audience about the peculiarities of the fight against coronavirus, the activities of the university, the importance of vaccination of each member of the team, and answered a number of questions after the speech.

Anatoliy Karpuk, director of the Boyar forest research station, spoke about the experience of practical training of students and its prospects. In the speech there was a place for coverage of the events held at the station, and for plans for the future in the development of the base for the practical training of our students.

Tetiana Kishchak, director of the scientific library of NULES of Ukraine, was honored to complete the program of speeches on the first day of the seminar. She informed the participants of the meeting about the means and procedures by which our university monitors the observance of academic integrity by all participants of the educational process.

In conclusion, the chairman of the organizing committee, vice-rector Vasyl Shinkaruk thanked the participants for participating in the seminar, gave tasks to the heads of departments on the occasion of the beginning of the second semester and invited to participate in the next meeting on February 2.

Yaroslav Rudyk,

head of the training department

Oksana Zazymko,

deputy head of the education department

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