Curses for the Unified professional entrance test (UPET) for a master's degree (critical, analytical and logical thinking) has started

12 січня 2022 року

    January for students of NULES of Ukraine is traditionally a period of winter vacation, rest after a busy semester. But for 4th year students who see their near future with the alma mater and plan to enter the master's program after completing their bachelor's degree, their home university has prepared a good gift. In January 2022, at the initiative of the dean of the faculty of humanities and pedagogy Inna Savytska, free online training courses for a unified professional entrance test (critical, analytical and logical thinking) for admission to the master's program were launched. Classes promise to be interesting, varied, sometimes fun, with lots of practical activities, free exchange of views on the basis of tolerance, critical thinking and mutual respect. Because Iryna Matvienko, an associate professor at the department of philosophy and international communication, conducts classes.


The first lesson started with acquaintances and congratulations. Dean of the faculty of humanities and pedagogy Inna Savytska congratulated on the beginning of the active work of the courses and called on students to take seriously the preparation, because their admission to the master's degree depends on the preparation of the UPET.

 Head of the department of philosophy and international communication Valentyna Kultenko also congratulated the participants on the beginning of their work, and noted that critical, analytical and logical thinking in the XXI century is the "soft skills" of a successful person.

 It is nice to note that the first meeting was attended by over 70 participants from different faculties: humanities and pedagogy, agricultural management, economics and law.


    For several years in a row, admission to a master's degree in certain specialties is based on the results of the UEE and/or UPET. However, this year the Ministry of education and science has significantly expanded the scope of the unified professional entrance test for master's degree using independent external evaluation (IEE) technologies: in 2022 it is planned for specialties 05 "Social and Behavioral Sciences", 06 "Journalism", 07 "Management and Administration", 08 "Law", 28 "Public Administration", 29 "International Relations".


   The main UEE/UPET session will run from 20 June to 1 July. Testing in general academic competencies will take place on June 20, which is why the department of philosophy and international communication, keeping up with the times, decided to help bachelor's graduates prepare for the exams. So we wish all students successful training and productive work!


Valentyna Kultenko, Iryna Matvienko,
associate professors of the department of philosophy
and international communication


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