I know my rights: training at the Faculty of Humanities and Education

10 грудня 2021 року

 Today, Human rights day is an international holiday celebrated at the suggestion of the UN General Assembly. In this regard, at the faculty of humanities and pedagogy, in order to promote the formation of legal worldview and legal culture of students, acquaintance with the main provisions of the UN Convention on the rights of the child, education of legal awareness, interest in legal knowledge, training was held -game "I know my rights".


    The dean of the faculty of humanities and pedagogy, Inna Savytska, made a speech, informing the students that on December 10, 1948, the United Nations adopted the Universal Declaration of human rights, the first universal international human rights instrument proclaiming individual rights, civil and political rights and freedoms (equality before the law, the right of everyone to liberty and security of person, freedom of conscience and others). Inna Savytska also reminded the audience that the UN General Assembly has chosen the theme of 2021 for the International Day of peace - "Better recovery for a just and sustainable world", which is directly related to human rights and events in Ukraine, where the recent human rights situation significantly deteriorated. This is primarily due to the Russian occupation of Crimea, where there is a total violation of fundamental human rights and freedoms by the occupying power, as well as in the east, in the war zone, in the liberated and occupied territories. Thus, for students majoring in "Social work", as future professionals in the field of providing social services to the population, it is important to know the laws and rights of people, especially children.



   Training "I know my rights!" Vadym Ovcharenko, deputy dean and director of the research and education center for children's rights at the faculty of humanities and pedagogy, gave a playful presentation. However, the protection of children at the international level began only in the early twentieth century. A number of important international acts have been adopted, giving rise to the international movement for the rights of the child. And the central place is occupied by the "UN Convention on the rights of the child", adopted on November 20, 1989. The UN Convention on the rights of the child is an agreement between countries. It states how the government of each country should take care of children. This special document has been ratified by 191 countries.
  During the training, students performed several interesting, fun and moving exercises, learned about the history of approval and the main content of the "Universal Declaration of human rights" and the "UN Convention on the rights of the child". In a playful and relaxed way, the students came to the conclusion and remembered that if a person has rights, then he must have responsibilities. If there is no obligation, there is no right. Everyone's rights end where the rights of others begin. Everyone must respect the rights of others.

Dmytro Kostiuk,
deputy dean of the faculty of humanities and pedagogy

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