Scientific initiatives of the humanitarians: we analyze the results, outline the prospects

8 грудня 2021 року

 On December 7, 2021 by order of the dean of the faculty of humanities and pedagogy of 02.11.2021 No. 191 "On the preparation of reports for 2021" reports on the state of implementation of initiative research works were heard at the online meeting of the small scientific council. Tetyana Synelnyk, a senior researcher at the research and organizational department of the SED, was invited to the meeting.

   Deputy dean for research Dr. of philol. sciences, assoc. prof. S. Kharchenko acquainted the participants with the directions and topics of research conducted by the faculty, noting that the number of initiative topics is growing: if in 2020 there were 7, in 2021 - already 10. However, it is important that not only the number but also quality of research: the publishing activity of performers of certain topics exceeds the planned indicators.

   Leaders and executors of SEW presented to members of the commission and colleagues scientific developments, acquainted with the results of work in 2021 and prospects for research development.
   Dr. of psychol. sciences, prof. V. Shmarhun reported on the implementation of a new topic "Psychological features of the development of stress in students in terms of social transformation", which is extremely relevant in today's realities. T. Synelnyk noted that the proposed topic is a promising area of further research, noted the professionalism of performers and the proper quality of reporting materials.

   The relevance of pedagogical research in the new changing conditions of educational development is emphasized in the work on "Development of pedagogical skills of a teacher of higher education in the context of educational transformations", which was presented by Dr. of ped. sciences, prof. N. Zhuravska.
   Dr. of ped. sc., prof. R. Sopivnyk informed about the results of work on "Theoretical and methodological foundations of educational work in environmental and agricultural higher education institutions", which is being developed by the staff of the department of pedagogy for five years, and therefore has significant theoretical and practical achievements, implemented in particular in the educational process of NULES of Ukraine.

   The research of the department of philosophy and international communication on the topic "Modern philosophy of science and education: problems of humanitarian discourse" has been continuing for five years, consistently having good results on many indicators, as reported by cand. philos. sciences, assoc. prof. V. Kultenko

   The longest-running research project at the faculty is "Study of socio-economic and socio-political development of Ukraine: the agrarian aspect" (started in 2009), the results of which were presented by PhD., assoc. prof. O. Kropyvko.

   It is a tradition at the faculty to develop topics related to language, communication and translation. Dr. philol sc. prof. M. Navalna (topic: "Language of mass media: dynamics, innovation, media education") and Dr. philol. sciences, prof. T. Semashko (topic: "Language signs of culture in different style measurements").


   Dr. ped. sciences, prof. S. Amelina informed about the results of the work on the topic "Preparation and implementation of translation projects in higher education institutions." Research on this topic, including the number of articles in journals indexed in the Scopus and Web of Science scientometric databases, can serve as a guide for artists on new topics.

    The research work "Functioning of language units of all levels and their translation in the paradigms of modern linguistic research" devoted to the problem of translation and various aspects of its study was reported by PhD, assoc. prof M. Holtsova, and "Modern English-language professional communication and translation in lexical-semantic, pragmalinguistic and psychological-pedagogical coverage" was presented by PhD, assoc. prof. L. Berezova.

   T. Synelnyk, senior researcher of the research and organizational department, praised the research work of the faculty, stressed the significant research potential, offered some recommendations for improving the organization, implementation and efficiency, and wished success and further scientific achievements.

Olena Balalaeva,
secretary of the scientific council of the faculty of humanities and padagogy

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