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5 грудня 2021 року

In order to expand the forms of career guidance work, the university has introduced a scientific group "Foreign philology" for students of the Irpin academic lyceum of NULES of Ukraine. Instructors of the department of English philology, Romance and Germanic languages and translation, English for technical and agrobiological specialties conduct monthly practical classes for 11th grade students, where they develop skills of communicative competence based on interrelated speech, sociocultural and language development, according to their age. based on real communicative situations in four types of speech activity.


 Classes are conducted in a foreign language based on already studied topics, the proposed topics contribute to the generalization and expansion of knowledge. Classes create opportunities for repetition, automation of previously learned lexical and grammatical material and enrichment of language potential of high school students. The lexical and grammatical stock of students is replenished by linguistic phenomena. Culturological texts of various styles, authentic audio and video materials, reference books, Internet resources, materials of mass media are involved in the work.

Foreign philology is a meeting place for progressive young people who care about their future, who are aware of the importance of English language proficiency in the 21st century and consider themselves citizens of European society who seek to open an information treasure trove of world names and achievements. Lively discussions, battles, discussions of current information, comments from famous guests, reading useful articles - all this characterizes the meeting of the group.



Hanna Medianyk,
instructor of the department of English philology


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