French Autumn in Kyiv: French language week at NULES of Ukraine

2 грудня 2021 року

 The French language week has become a good tradition at the National University of Life and Environmental Sciences of Ukraine. On November 22, the French language week was opened at the Center for Francophone education and culture of the faculty of humanities and pedagogy with the participation of representatives of NULES of Ukraine and the France-Ukraine exchange federation, as well as students.

     Dean of the faculty of humanities and pedagogy Inna Mykolaivna Savytska, director of the educational and research center for international affairs Oleksandr Mykolayovych Labenko, head of the department of foreign philology and translation Amelina Svitlana Mykolaivna, senior lecturer of the same department Natalia Rudnytska made welcoming speeches.
     Welcoming remarks were made by Philippe Genet, co-founder of the France-Ukraine exchange (FUEF), Pascal Belevender, prime-minister of the association, Josie Aniken, president of the French as a Foreign language association, and Monique Duffe, a French teacher.
     This is how the international scientific-practical online seminar "Ukraine-France: Unprecedented challenges but unprecedented opportunities" started - in a warm and friendly atmosphere. The results of the pandemic and quarantine restrictions were summed up and outlined on the basis of a report by FUEF secretary Olha Gonse.
     The Federation “France-Ukraine Exchange” has made a lot of efforts so that our students can still carry out their practical training in France during this difficult period, which was shared by students of philology: Anastasia Buryachenko, Diana Satsyuk, Sofia Severinova and Antonina Shushkivska. Everyone has different experiences, their positive and negative moments, but still everyone was satisfied with their language practice. Becoming part of the French family, communicating with native speakers every day, discovering the culture and history of France is an incredible opportunity for students thanks to the long-term cooperation of NULES of Ukraine with the Federation “France-Ukraine Exchanges” and “Friendship without borders”.
     After completing the main part, students from different faculties continued to prepare for an interview for those wishing to undergo a professional internship in the new 2022 in France.
     The following days of the French language week were also busy and interesting, although they took place online. On Tuesday, November 23, the second day of the "French language week" was dedicated to the Day of the French press. Students presented articles from various French publications such as Le Monde, L'Humanité, Figaro, France Soir and others. The guests of this event were invited not only to get acquainted with the French vision of world problems, but also to immerse themselves in the interesting history of the most famous publications. At the center of the discussion were a number of issues, namely: plastic pollution, noise pollution, air pollution, the problem of animal protection and even the problem of the negative impact of social networks and media on the world community. All reports were supplemented by bright presentations and videos, which helped to visualize each topical issue of the world community. In addition to discussions of social issues, students analyzed each of the presented articles on the topic, purpose, relevance and value of the material presented, the features of the vocabulary and style used.
     Master Shushkivska Antonina conducted a fascinating excursion into the culture of French advertising and media. She told how people in France view advertising and its creation. Thanks to this speech, the guests of the event learned some interesting facts about the French media.
     The students decided to dedicate the next day of the Week to works of art. In the reports of students of the faculty of humanities and pedagogy Satsyuk Diana, Kuzmenko Victoria, Lytovchenko Maryna, the architecture of France of different epochs was vividly presented: Notre Dame de Paris, the Louvre, Versailles and the Eiffel Tower. The students remembered the presentation of paintings and sculptures from the Louvre's collection of masterpieces. The musical heritage of French culture was not left out either.
     The following days were spent under the auspices of students majoring in international relations, because they were the ones who professionally dealt with the subject of Francophonie and the spread of the French language in the world. French is the second most popular language in the world after English, and is spoken on five continents. It is also the international language of jurisprudence, governmental and non-governmental organizations, trade relations, hotel and restaurant business, various television service platforms with French-speaking countries. Students introduced us to interesting presentations, videos and reports. A lot of useful and interesting information was processed.
     The first country to discuss students was France with its political and geographical structure and a number of pressing issues, both linguistic and economic. After that, Mykhailenko Iryna presented Canada, its climate, population, districts, gave its political and economic characteristics. She took into account all aspects of the topic, revealed problematic issues.
    Ksenia Yevtushenko made an interesting report on another French-speaking country, Belgium, analyzing its political system, population, geographical data and interesting facts of the Kingdom of Belgium.
     Pokotylo Kostiantyn's presentation on modern Luxembourg interested the participants of the event, especially its culture, political structure and history. And another French-speaking country in Europe, Switzerland, was left for dessert.
     According to the students, it was an interesting experience, a lot of material was processed. Participants learned new information about different French-speaking countries, created their cultural palette, experienced the diversity of eras, and actively replenished their vocabulary. Thus, the "French language week" at NULES seemed productive and rich. It was quite informative for the general development of the guests and gave students the opportunity to show their research abilities. This event left a lot of positive emotions and gave inspiration for further similar research.
     We nostalgically remember the times when we held seminars and festivals in the walls of NULES of Ukraine, invited professors, students and guests not in virtual but in real classrooms. Circumstances are changing, but one thing remains the same: every year, French language week brings together all French language and culture lovers. 
     And for dessert a little French charm to you: “Découvrir la France” with the Consulate General of France in Toronto.
     Bonne découverte!

Antonina Shushkivska, master of the first year of study
specialty "German philology"
Maryna Lytvyn, Anastasia Kotenko, 3rd year students
faculty of humanities and pedagogy
Natalia Rudnytska, senior lecturer
Of the department of foreign philology and translation

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