Academic council of humanitarians: the quality of the educational process under conditions of distance learning

25 листопада 2021 року

 On November 24, 2021 associate professor of the department of philosophy and international communication Matvienko I.S. held an educational hour with students of the faculty of humanities and pedagogy (1st year of study, the 2nd group) of the specialty "International relations, public communications and regional studies". The meeting was held remotely in the mode of video conference Webex Meet and was devoted to the issue of entry of 1st and 2nd year students for full-time study and face-to-face session.

  Modern society needs quality education at the mass level, which will be able to meet the requirements of both the consumer and the producer of material values and spiritual goods. Full-time education is a form of education in which the provision of educational services occurs through the interaction of teachers with students in full-time education. That is why the positive aspects of full-time education are such as direct communication with teachers, scientists and professionals; performance of practical and laboratory works visually; live communication student-teacher; the possibility of conducting master classes and various trainings and much more. However, there are some caveats for students about getting to school, as most first-year students are minors and therefore not vaccinated. However, we hope that all fears and feelings will be rejected and students will meet in classrooms on November 29, 2021 during face-to-face studies.

  So we hope that our group as a whole, overcoming some fears about face-to-face training, will still meet in a friendly team of classmates and successfully pass the face-to-face session

Iryna Matvienko,
curator of the group MB - 21002b,
associate professor of the department of
philosophy and international communication

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