Philosophical scientific-methodical seminar "Ukraine and the world: problems and prospects of international communication" for graduate students and students of NULES of Ukraine was held

18 листопада 2021 року

 On November 17, 2021, on the International student day - a holiday of those who feel thirsty for knowledge, who are full of ideas and hopes and on the eve of the World philosophy day - a significant and traditional event took place at the faculty of humanities and pedagogy. As part of the week of philosophy, the department of philosophy and international communication organized and conducted a scientific and methodological online seminar "Ukraine and the world: problems and prospects of international communication", a joint platform to discuss global socio-cultural transformations taking place today, involving young scientists ( graduate students and students) to the philosophical heritage, opening the sphere of everyday thinking to new ideas and stimulating public speeches, debates and discussions of modern challenges facing society today.

  For the fifth year in a row, the department of philosophy and international communication is holding this event within the framework of the All-Ukrainian educational project "Skovorodynsky exercises", launched by the Ministry of education and science of Ukraine in 2017. The methodological basis of the scientific-methodical seminar was the principle "Know thyself" developed by Hryhoriy Skovoroda. This approach allowed the organizers to declare a wide range of issues for discussion, which found a response in graduate and student environments. More than 130 students from different faculties of NULES of Ukraine took part in the event. The aim of this seminar was to bring philosophy closer to everyone: graduate students and the general public, all those interested in such activities that open new opportunities and spaces for philosophical reflection, critical thinking and discussion, as well as highlighting current issues and outlining prospects for international communication, relationships. Ukraine with the world.
  The scientific-methodical seminar was started by the acting head of the department of philosophy and international communication, associate professor Valentyna Kultenko, who sincerely congratulated all students on the holiday: each of you is now developing a worldview, becoming a specialist, so try to gain as much knowledge, skills, useful and cognitive; The future of Ukraine in the world largely depends on your position in life, diligence, will, and active participation in social transformations. She also reminded that in 2022 we will celebrate the 300th anniversary of the birth of Hryhoriy Skovoroda - Ukrainian philosopher, theologian, poet and teacher who had a significant impact on contemporaries and future generations with his philosophical works, fables, songs and lifestyle, which is why he was called "Socrates".

  In fact, the scientific work of the seminar was started by a graduate student of the department of philosophy and international communication Oleksandra Sokolova, who revealed the relevance of the ideas of H. Skovoroda's philosophy, in particular the anthropological problem of human vocation in modern reading

 After that, the moderator of the event Valentina Kultenko gave the floor to students of different faculties of NULES of Ukraine. In particular, the seminar was attended by students of humanities and pedagogy, agrobiology, law, the faculty of land management and others, as well as the Institute of energy and automation.


  Students prepared and presented reports: "Globalization and its impact on national culture" (Vladyslav Havrylchenko), "Intercultural communication" (Valentyn Kolomiets), "Intercultural communication" (Anton Alishchuk), "Intercultural discourse" (Mykhailo Kravets), Ukraine and the EU: problems and prospects of integration in modern conditions "(Natalia Yatsenko)," Dynamics of the number of refugees in the EU "(Julia Khyzhnyak)," The problem of discrimination in Ukraine "(Ivan Buslo)," Refugee shelter "(Anastasia Chulanova)," Problems of "brain drain" in Ukraine (Sushko Iryna), "Intercultural communication as a challenge of modernity" (Yakymets Bohdan), "Morality and politics in the teaching of N. Machiavelli" (Pron Olha), "Intercultural features of nonverbal communication" (Svyrydenko Oleksandr), "Corruption in Ukraine" (Nikitina Anastasia).


  The topic of the seminar turned out to be so interesting for the participants that there were lively discussions and deep thoughts. The problems of intercultural communication, globalization, integration, discrimination, "brain drain", the interaction of morality and politics, corruption are so relevant today that they need further critical reflection.



  It should be noted that the topics presented at the seminar aroused great interest not only among students but also among the organizers of the seminar. Thus, associate professors Oleksandr Kharchuk and Andriy Holtsov actively joined the discussion on globalization and its impact on national culture.

  In general, the scientific-methodical seminar "Ukraine and the world: problems and prospects of international communication" turned out to be an extremely interesting and fruitful event, which opened the opportunity for students to present their scientific achievements and declare themselves as young and very promising scientists. The event became an example of an interesting, casual dialogue between students of different faculties of NULES of Ukraine and teachers of the department Iryna Matvienko, Tetyana Kychkyruk, Svitlana Heiko, Olena Lauta, Alina Suprun. Such events contribute to the comprehensive development of graduate and student youth, teach them to think and navigate in life.

  The moderator completed the scientific-methodical online seminar with the words of Koichiro Matsuuri «Let's spend a day of philosophy to understand who we are, what we do and why exactly, and not otherwise. Let us ask ourselves who we have become as individuals and as a world community. It is a day to think, be interested, discuss, interpret, analyze, understand and evaluate the horizons of human activity and unknown opportunities in the name of a bright and open future for all.».

  Philosophy - the progenitor of all sciences, it all began and to this day is still a lot. Today we celebrate World philosophy day and it is, in essence, World knowledge and science day. Philosophy is a love of wisdom, it is born of man's desire to know himself and the world around him, it has laid the foundation for critical, independent and creative thinking, it encourages us to explore fundamental truths, to produce our own theories and conclusions.
  Therefore, the staff of the department of philosophy and international communication sincerely congratulates colleagues, like-minded people, those who are constantly looking for solutions to the most difficult issues of life, its meaning, origin, good and evil, faith, love - with the World philosophy day! We wish you wisdom and individual perception of the world, bright thoughts and prudence, high life achievements and respect, well-being and self-development, good health and optimism!

Svitlana Heiko,
associate professor of the department of
philosophy and international communication

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