"Live and learn – every day is a lesson!" - on the International students' day at the faculty of humanities and pedagogy of NULES of Ukraine a monitors’ meeting was held

17 листопада 2021 року

The meeting of the mayor began with a welcoming speech by the dean of the faculty of humanities and pedagogy Inna Savytska.

The dean greeted the students and mentioned how joyful and exciting it is to be a student, to enjoy every day, prospects, new, stressed the importance of learning for everyone throughout life, noted that the research and teaching staff of the university also often receive additional higher education. Since the changing modern world requires new knowledge, approaches and new professions on the border of the branches of science, it is not without reason that people say: age live - age learn. Emphasized the importance of active participation of students in the social life of the faculty, despite the distance learning format, to attend classes every day, because if the number of unreasonably missed hours is more than 50, the student may be expelled or not allowed to settle in the dormitory next school year. She focused on the features of distance learning, in particular, the need to turn on video cameras during classes, monitor their appearance, be active, disciplined and focused. At the end of the introductory speech, Inna Savytska called on everyone to take care of their health, emphasizing that the university promotes this, because NULES of Ukraine has the opportunity to vaccinate both university staff and students. Inna Savytska assured the students that the administration is always ready to meet the students and they can count on the support and assistance of mentors, departments and the dean's office.

   The next speaker was deputy dean Svitlana Kharchenko, who reminded about the rules of living and behavior in the dormitory: keeping order in the rooms, neat attitude to household property and care for them; compliance with anti-epidemic measures, etc. Svitlana Kharchenko also stressed the need for fourth-year bachelors and second-year masters to leave the dormitory rooms in good condition after graduation

   Deputy dean Alla Kravchenko informed the students about the possibilities of obtaining double diplomas for master's students and internships abroad. She reminded the students that the faculty conducts regular preparatory courses for compiling EVI and EVFV, stressed the need to master a foreign language, which is a prerequisite for further successful professional career of each student and a guarantee of future employment.

    Deputy dean Ihor Butsyk explained the procedure and timing of the internship in terms of distance learning and defense of master's theses, provided comprehensive answers to questions from students and mentors.

   Marharyta Hulyan, chairman of the student organization of the faculty, a fourth-year student majoring in professional education (Technology of production and processing of agricultural products), spoke about the activities of the student organization at the faculty of humanities and pedagogy, recalled the events of the current semester invited students to become more actively involved in the activities of the student organization, follow posts on social networks, shared contacts. The chairman of the council of the faculty gave step-by-step instructions to the group leaders to draw up information about additional points of students in the conditions of distance learning.



    Deputy dean Vadym Ovcharenko spoke about ways to communicate with the administration of the faculty, conducting weekly statistical reporting by elders on student attendance of academic groups, reminded mentors and elders of the need for weekly dissemination of interesting stories from student life and learning on social networks. He noted that in their work, both teachers and employees of the dean's office are guided by the student-centered approach approved by the new Strategy for higher education development, in this regard, the appointment of additional points to ratings, scholarships, cash prizes and many other issues. are discussed and agreed with the assets of the Student Organization of the faculty. He invited students to take an online survey to improve the quality of the educational process during distance learning, stressed that the answers will help to modernize and optimize the educational process using distance technology. He asked the headmaster to remind the groups about the procedure and terms of receiving social benefits by vulnerable students. Vadym Ovcharenko also provided answers and clarifications to mentors and group leaders to the procedure of registration of information about additional points of students in distance learning, showed the location of relevant regulations and forms on the website of the faculty.



   Each of the speakers congratulated the students on the holiday and expressed their best wishes. The extended headmaster took place with the participation of headmen, mentors, deans and deputy deans of the faculty (more than 100 people in total)

Maryna Kominska,
1st year student of the faculty of humanities and pedagogy,
specialty "Psychology"

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