To the Day of Ukrainian Literature and Language. Training session "Ukrainians and Chinese - students of one academic group"

10 листопада 2021 року

 At the end of September, the student academic group Ps-21001b was replenished with foreign students. By order of the rector, the group included citizens of the People's Republic of China: Yuan Gao, Shao Kewen, Li Yahui. Students adapt to the new culture, to the circumstances of life in NULES of Ukraine. However, the conditions of the pandemic cause limitations in the possibilities of active interaction with classmates. So the curator of the group Omelchenko L.M. invited psychologists to take part in a training session.

   Intercultural dialogue was organized in a special way: students told classmates about nature, attractions, features of folk traditions, as well as cuisine. Ukrainian students invited foreigners to a virtual tour of Ukraine. Mutual Chinese students introduced Ukrainians to the provinces of China, where they come from.
   The hosts were the first to speak: they prepared a virtual tour for Chinese classmates, told about the traditional Ukrainian family, the holidays of Ukrainians. For ease of perception, the story in Ukrainian was accompanied by English slides.

   The Chinese had the opportunity to immerse themselves in the picturesque beauty of Ukrainian autumn, feel the sacredness of Christmas, see the Buddha in the Dniester Canyon and, unfortunately, only admire the Poltava dumplings. They heard the traditional greeting for Ukraine: "Welcome!".
   Then the Chinese took the floor: the students tried for glory. They translated their slides into Ukrainian and told in Ukrainian. Ukrainians had the opportunity to admire Chinese urban and rural landscapes, as well as enjoy the scenery of the swamp-lake reserve, learn about the features of Chinese opera, get acquainted with traditional architecture and, unfortunately, only see the lotus noodles.

   Decided: Be sure to continue next time. Li Yahui promised a detailed account of the Great Wall of China, as well as funny pandas.

It is good to live where people can speak a common language. Ps-21001b students are working to overcome barriers to communication.

L. Omelchenko,
associate professor of the department of psychology

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