Cooperation between NUBiP of Ukraine and LEHNER Maschinenbau GmbH (Germany) continues

October 5, 2021
    On September 27, 2021 representatives of LEHNER Maschinenbau GmbH company (Germany) visited Academician Petro Vasylenko Department of Agricultural Machinery and Systems Engineering. The visit was a result of lasting cooperation between the Mechanical and Technological Faculty, the Agrobiological Faculty and LEHNER Maschinenbau GmbH company.

     NUBiP of Ukraine was represented by Dean of the Agrobiological Faculty Oksana Tonkha, Dean of the Mechanical and Technological Faculty Vyacheslav Bratyshko, Head of the Department of Agriculture and Herbology Semen Tanchyk, Associate Professor Dmytro Litvinov, Associate Professor Mykola Kosolap and Head of Academician Petro Vasylenko Department of Agricultural Machinery and Systems Engineering Yuriy Humeniuk. LEHNER Maschinenbau GmbH was represented by Eastern Europe Manager Oleg Ganzha and EU Manager Jürgen Schlumberger.

    For reference. LEHNER Maschinenbau GmbH emerged from LEHNER Agrar GmbH, which was founded in 1956 by Josef Lehner. LEHNER is led today by the second generation, Helmut Lehner, whose vision and wealth of innovative ideas has made LEHNER Maschinenbau GmbH what it is in many areas today – the market leader for 12V spreading technology throughout Europe. LEHNER Maschinenbau GmbH offers a range of innovative products used in agriculture, winemaking and fruit growing, as well as in the production of special machines for road construction and maintenance. This is just one of the reasons why the innovations from LEHNER enjoy such demand worldwide, and the export share of the spreading technology today is an impressive 37% – with the trend continuing upwards.

    The guests from Germany got acquainted with the activities and facilities of Academician Petro Vasylenko Department of Agricultural Machinery and Systems Engineering and were positively impressed by the educational process that meets today's demands and contributes to the competitiveness of future agricultural professionals in the labor market.

    The representatives of LEHNER Maschinenbau GmbH also had a meeting with Rector of NUBiP of Ukraine Stanislav Nikolayenko, during which they discussed opportunities for further cooperation, in particular, establishing a training center equipped with LEHNER machinery for conducting classes, trainings and workshops for teachers and students of NUBiP of Ukraine.


   The next step was a visit to the Separated Subdivision of NUBiP of Ukraine Agronomic Research Station, where two samples of seeders - LEHNER SuperVario and LEHNER VENTO - were successfully demonstrated and tested during the Field Day. During the meeting with the Head of the Agronomic Research Station, Yuriy Rosamaha, the guests got acquainted with the material and technical resources of the unit, technologies for growing major crops, and shared their recommendations on the use of the new seeders.

    We express our sincere gratitude to CEO of LEHNER Maschinenbau GmbH Mr. Helmut Lehner and all employees of the company for fruitful cooperation and consistent assistance in improving the educational process of training modern specialists in the agricultural sector. We are looking forward to strengthening this mutually beneficial cooperation in various fields of research , education and production.


Yuriy Humenyuk,
Head of Petro Vasylenko Department of Agricultural Machinery
and Systems Engineering


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