Teachers of the Faculty of Land Management participated in the international internship in the Republic of Croatia

September 30, 2021
   The management of the Faculty of Land Management pays special attention to improving staff teaching skills and providing opportunities for professional growth. Various types of internship programs, including international ones, are of great importance in this process.

   Therefore, on September 17-24, 2021, with the support of Rector of NUBiP of Ukraine Stanislav Nikolayenko, Associate Professor of the Department of Geodesy and Cartography Ivan Openko and Associate Professor of the Department of Land Management Ruslan Tykhenko participated in an international internship in the Republic of Croatia.



   The internship program consisted of 150 hours of training. About 100 hours were devoted to extracurricular activities. Classroom activities consisted of four training modules: “Organization of the educational process and training programs for students at the European universities”; “Innovative technologies, scientific-methodical and information support of the educational process”; “Training of scientists in Europe and opportunities for Ukrainian-European scientific cooperation”; “Science as the basis of the educational process”.

     Extracurricular work was no less interesting and informative. The participants studied the organizational structure of higher education institutions of the Republic of Croatia, the educational and methodological resources, the experience of introducing distance education in local universities, work of the electronic library fund, etc. There was also an opportunity to get acquainted with online lecture courses for teachers and to join the preparation of the collective monograph. The internship was held at three universities - Juraj Dobrila University of Pula, Business School PAR (Rijeka) and PAR University (Rijeka).

   As a result of the internship, Associate Professor Ivan Openko and Associate Professor Ruslan Tykhenko received European certificates and invaluable experience, which they will be happy to share with their colleagues and students majoring in 193 Geodesy and Land Management.

Vyacheslav Bogdanets,
Coordinator of the international programs of the
Faculty of Land Management


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